In Moscow oblast SOBR soldiers detained three men suspected in a Bank robbery in Chekhov. Masking the attackers used the flowers and a construction helmet, and the scene they fled on the ATV.

Criminal punishment for three 30-year-old residents of the Chekhov district. They are charged under article 162 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Robbery made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement”). This charge carries a penalty of imprisonment for up to 10 years, according to the official website of the regional Moi.

According to investigations, two of the detainees “broke in the area offices of one of the credit institutions in Chekhov and, threatening the cashier with a weapon, stole from the cash register more than 100 thousand rubles. The attackers were in medical masks and sunglasses. One of them covered his face with a bouquet of flowers, and the second construction helmet.

Published footage taken by a surveillance camera shows the robber “gently” pushes up to her face the bouquet with spreading leaves, like trying to hide behind them. In the right hand perp held a gun, pointing the barrel to the employee of the Bank.

According to investigators, the third accomplice in the robbery, the attackers waited around the corner of the Bank building on the Quad. On this vehicle the criminal trio and fled the scene, said the head of the press service GU MVD of Russia Moscow region Tatyana Petrova.

As part of the investigation, investigators have studied the records made by surveillance cameras. Then had an operation to detain the suspects, which was attended by traffic police officers and soldiers of the Federal service of national guard troops of the Russian Federation.

“Currently, the complex of measures, directed on an establishment of other episodes of illegal activity of the detainees. Malefactors elected a measure of restraint in form of detention”, – concluded in the police.

We add that a similar curious robbery was committed nine years ago in the United States. Then 49-year-old American James Caldwell decided to Rob the Bank branch of Citizens Bank in Manchester, pretending to be a tree.

“Immediately after the opening of the Bank inside a man came in with twigs and leaves that adhesive tape was pasted to his body – said police Sergeant William Davis. He went immediately to the front of the queue, handed the cashier a bag and told to put money in it”.

The cashier complied with the order of the robber, but with the money put in a bag and dye pack, which exploded, so the unsub dumped the prey in the Parking lot and disappeared.

Police showed the video of the robbery on local television, and several people have identified the perpetrator, posing as a representative of the flora. “We had only his name, but told us where to find him,” – said the police Sergeant.

Later Caldwell was arrested near his home, about three kilometers from the Bank and charged in the robbery.

Sergeant Davis admitted that he never dealt with such a bizarre Bank robbery. “Bandana, hat, sunglasses, but below the branches – never,” he said.

In the suburbs, Bank robbers used a bouquet of flowers to mask, and the ATV 18.07.2016

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