In the suburbs to search unpleasant-smelling plants will attract the group consisting of
members of the public and journalists. They will participate in organized by the authorities of the open inspections. The goal is to identify sources of odors, which are complaining about the inhabitants of the South-East of Moscow and Balashikha, Lyubertsy and Reutova, reports “Interfax” with reference to the administration of Balashikha.

Expected sources of unpleasant odors are well known to the authorities. According to the head of Baleshiki Sergei Yurova, is the refinery, incinerator 4, the landfill “Kuchino”, Lyuberetskiy treatment facilities.

The head of the Balashikha proposed to form groups up to five people who will participate in the field audits. In his opinion, involvement of the public will allow people to see what events are held at the companies for clean air and to prevent harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Monday inspection plan
to spend on the incinerator, Tuesday – Lyubertsy
wastewater treatment plants, on Wednesday at a refinery in
Thursday the group will be able to see works that are going on
the site “Kuchino”.

In RPN in anticipation of the inspection noted that such tests are uncommon: “we Must pay tribute that the plants it’s still going
earlier there were no precedents. For example, an oil refinery
was a closed, secure object”.

In the suburbs of journalists and local residents will be sent to the fetid factories 30.09.2017

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