Investigators of the Moscow region have in fact to re-investigate the circumstances of the death of the girl who fell from the Windows of flats three years ago. All this time, it was believed that she killed herself because of unrequited love and infidelity of the bridegroom. However, the father of the deceased Alexey Lavrukhin from the beginning insisted on the version of the murder and he was right.

Alex Lavrukhin managed to exhume the body of her daughter and repeated forensic medical examination, according to public Mash. In the end it turned out that 19-year-old Vika Lavrukhina did not die from falling from a great height: the girl snapped his neck.

The tragedy occurred after Vick fell in love with 18-year-old football fan and a bully from Artem Kotelnikov Godovikova. However, the relationship between the lovers quickly began to deteriorate. Successful businessman Alexey Lavrukhin claims that Artem did not come to his daughter.

Vika wanted a family, children, build your business, Artem nothing sought, “was a silly and simple,” Lavrukhin said. For some time the lovers lived together in Kotelniki, but then Vika is tired of the constant carousals, which were attended by Tom, and his police record.

In addition, Vick amassed 100 thousand rubles, hoping to buy a car. The money she kept in the apartment Artem. Then her savings were gone. Godovikov said that he would return the money but did not fulfill the promise.

Victoria decided to return to her parents. And the day before death she took the phone Artem, who at that time was sleeping and discovered his love letters with their common 16-year-old friend. The next day, December 20, 2014, Vika came to Artem to pick up your things. And eight minutes after entering the apartment she fell from the window of the 12th floor.

Detectives immediately began to convince family Wiki that she committed suicide. Facts that do not fit into this scheme, police investigators were not interested. However, they drew the attention of Alexey Lavrukhin, who considered suicide a hoax.

“In the hair of her daughter found someone else’s bracelet that he gave me. I then realized that the daughter was killed,” – says the father of the Wiki. Why the investigator had not actually sent the bracelet to the study, and immediately gave his parents the Wiki.

After some time of doing Lavruhina strangely disappeared, all the evidence: the clothes, the hair of the deceased, nail cuts. Parents Vicky twice sounded the alarm, appealed to various authorities, but in response received only empty replies.

“The investigation has revealed many conflicting facts, we have achieved transfer of business in GSU SKR across Moscow region, and only at this point, the police began to do our thing,” added Alexey Lavrukhin.

Conducted investigative experiment showed that fall to eight and a half metres from the wall of the house. But the body may be at this distance if it had been dropped by other people. And jumping of girls girls revealed that Vick just could not climb in the window, which had appeared in the testimony of witnesses, Artyom and his friends, wrote “Express newspaper”.

The victim also had a broken nail, as if she resisted. And in the apartment Artem on the window sill, from where had the girl, investigators have not found on the prints of hands and feet Wiki, but there were traces of men’s sneakers.

“This murder with special cruelty. The issue is the quality of the examination, as the victim’s clothing was destroyed and to detect traces and the subject of the crime is problematic,” – said the lawyer Ilya Gatikoev.

The investigators intend to conduct another examination. After this, the bride of the Wiki can become the Prime suspect. However, at the moment his whereabouts are unknown, and ill-fated apartment in Kotelniki changed hands.

According to parents Wiki, Artem could be accomplice. Immediately after the tragedy Alexey and Svetlana Lavruhina arrived in Sochi. Yearlings at the time was drunk, and in the apartment with him were two other girls.

Phone dead Wiki parents found SMS-messages with threats, a friend of Tom’s.

In the suburbs the death of the girl falling from the 12th floor, three years later, admitted murder 29.09.2017

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