The group with the Orthodox name of “Father” (Batushka), plays in the style of black metal, in the beginning of December released the album “Liturgy”. Among fans of heavy music immediately, there was a debate as to whether this album of Orthodox music or notorious blasphemy. Amur priest Sviatoslav Shevchenko, a few years carrying a similar style of music, held its “investigation” by publishing it on the website of the Orthodox journalism, according to “Siberian news service”.

Signs of blasphemy, the priest found on the cover of the album – the discs are Packed in a flat wooden box with a stylized icon of the Mother of God “mother of Malenica”, but instead of the sacred inscribed titles pasted the group name and album, and the faces erased. The woman in the image fringe on the sleeve – in the form of inverted crosses.

“This is a clear indication that the group still black metal. For those who do not know: black metal is the musical direction, directly connected with anti-Christian themes,” wrote Shevchenko.

Eight of the album’s songs are named prayer requests, Church – ekteniya (litany – sequence petitions prayer in Orthodox worship. – Approx. ed.)

“The songs have all the trappings of black metal and hard-of-tune guitars, frequent drummers drumming, growls and hysterical screams of the vocalists. But all this is set in the sounds of the censer, pseudoterranova chorus and altered the words of Church Slavonic prayers,” wrote the priest.

Another argument in favor of the fact that the group mocks believers – the text of the first songs in which a Psalm of prophet David turned inside out. The musicians played with pronouns, and it turned out, though the singer speaks on behalf of God or, more likely, Satan.

“In my opinion, such work can be classified as so-called soft power, when the brains of our youth “buy up” for nothing”, – concluded Shevchenko.

As noted in the publication “Amur news service”, the group “Father” anonymous – who plays her is not revealed. There is an assumption that this is a new satanic project of the Polish group Behemoth, publicly burning the Bible.

Last year the Behemoth was going to give a series of concerts in the far East, but Orthodox activists disrupted speeches.

In the texts of the new metal bands, the “Father” of the Amur the priest found signs of Satanism 16.12.2015

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