In the TRANS-Baikal regional Department of the Investigative Committee (IC) by order of the Chairman SK Alexander Bastrykin has opened two new Department for investigation of particularly important cases related to the non – payment of salaries and crimes against minors, reported on the website of the office. The emergence of new divisions to explain, given the nature of the local crime situation – the frequent complaints of wage delays and numerous cases of abuse of minors.

According to the order, formed two additional Department for investigation of particularly important cases – the third and fourth divisions, which have already been formed and started to work. “The third division will investigate crimes committed against minors, and crimes committed by juveniles, and the fourth is the investigation of tax crimes and of the facts of nonpayment of wages”, – stated in the SC.

Structural changes made at the suggestion of the head of Transbaikalian investigatory management SK of Yuri Rusanov the analysis of a criminogenic situation in the region.

The departments established at the expense of redeployments to other divisions of the regional investigation Department and formed without the introduction of new staff members. The first results of the activities of the new departments will be announced at the end of the year.

Increase in the number of cases of delays of salaries that requires special accounting knowledge

The investigation of cases of delay of salaries and tax crime requires investigators with special knowledge in accounting and tax areas emphasized in the Department.

About the problem with debts to state employees in the region writing in 2015, in the Federal media is only part of the story. To draw attention to their problems the people of the region have non-standard ways. So, in April 2016 resident cheats, welder Denis Degtyarenko, who worked at the enterprise “Zabaykalservis” he slit his wrists in order to get paid for February, with notification of the “action” journalists “Sabtv”.

It several times a day called the Director of the company, demanding 15 thousand rubles, but in response I heard only that there is no money. The man began to evict the apartment for non-payment, and he decided to protest. When the welder cut his wrists, Director in the matter of minutes found the amount owed to an employee.

Employees of medical institutions have ceased to pay wages, bills 80 budget institutions, mainly schools and kindergartens, were blocked due to their debts to the Pension Fund and the enterprises of housing and communal services, which teachers and educators could get paid only by court order.

Since September, the doctors and employees of medical institutions of the region are threatening mass layoffs if they do not pay the money. Local officials attribute the delays to the fact that in the regional budget had no more resources.

More than 12% of the total number of crimes in Transbaikalia committed against a minor

“In Transbaikalia for the last several years remains a high proportion of crimes committed against minors, – said Yuri Rusanov. – The share of such crimes in the structure of crime in Zabaykalsky Krai in the first half of 2016 amounted to more than 12%. The investigation of crimes against minors requires highly skilled and specially trained investigators, who must not only possess brilliant legal knowledge, but also to be experts in the field of adolescent psychology to objectively determine the circumstances of the crimes committed and not to cause additional psychological trauma to child victims of crime.”

Among recent examples of such crimes in the TRANS – beating five primary school students physical education teacher for the wrong exercises and misconduct in the classroom in June of this year. One of the children the teacher slammed his fist on the back with such force that he fell and hurt her leg on the bench, the second was shaking from side to side and then pushed on the wall, the third struck it in the neck from which the victim fell to the floor, the fourth clenched his forearm, and the fifth after the lesson was punished with a blow to the chest.

The investigation of crimes against a minor in a specialty division will allow us to generalize the practice of investigation of such cases and implement the most successful methods of investigation. “We are confident that the creation of a new special Department for work with minors will in the end provide maximum protection of their rights” – said Yuri Rusanov.

Another reason for the creation of a division specializing in the protection of minors, became a scandal in the Chita center of assistance to children left without parental care. In 2015 it turned outthat the teacher Elena Smolina planted six-year-old boy locked in a cage for the storage of fire equipment and firefighter in a small box, made of mesh, netting, beaten with a stick and dressed in women’s clothes.

“During the investigation of this criminal case investigators found many more violations in the same children’s institution, we found that young children for minor infractions deprived of food, doused with water, tied to the posts, dressed boys in women’s dress. All the facts, there were over a dozen criminal cases, now the investigation on them is completed, the case is directed for consideration to court”, – reported Rusanov.

Investigators found evidence of misappropriation of funds in the orphanage who have made its leaders. According to the criminal case, the Director of the orphanage and her assistant stole over 1.6 million rubles by fraud, with additional bets employees of the institution. A criminal case was also investigated and sent to court.

Facts “collection of heating for a zone” the home of AUE not found

At the same time, no traces of criminal activities criminalized informal youth movement AUE (“the Prisoner’s-urkaganskogo unity”), whose members gather at the school’s money on the “heating zone” in the UK is not found.

“We have reviewed and checked all the facts described in the media, – says Yuri Rusanov. – No fact was not confirmed by the investigation, but work in this direction is not stopped. Now we together with colleagues from the regional Department of the Ministry of interior are working to identify the criminal activities of youth subcultures in our region.”

Recall that the existence of “Prisoner-urkaganskogo unity” was confirmed by the presidential Council of the Russian Federation on human rights (HRC), which found that many institutions, including TRANS-Baikal region, are under the influence of criminal subculture. According to human rights activists, the movement AUE has spread everywhere in Transbaikalia and operates in 17 regions, among them Buryatia, Chelyabinsk, Ulyanovsk, Tver oblast, Stavropol Krai, Moscow oblast and other regions of Russia. In schools dominated by thieves concepts, subculture adolescents are reluctant to share.

Vice-Premier of the regional government Sergey Chaban said that local authorities are aware of the problem. “We’re not ostriches to bury your head in the sand. The problem is, not deny. We see, than painted the wall.” However, according to him, reports about the widespread distribution of AUE is far from the truth. He described the problem this way: “there Are individual episodes of recruitment of young people among the criminals.”

According to the results of exit meeting in Zabaykalsky Krai, the HRC recommended that the authorities of the region to take measures “to eradicate this social evil (AUE) and the accountability of its members and patrons, including the police.”

The government of the Zabaykalsky region in early October, sent a 42-page report on the implementation of recommendations of the HRC, which stated in particular the elimination of AUE. “In all districts of Zabaykalsky Krai municipal KDN and ZP are functions of the specialized state body on application of compulsory educational measures to minors who are released by court from criminal liability. Municipal commissions organized and conducted individual preventive work with this category of adolescents, in collaboration with the criminal-Executive Inspectorate and educational institutions”, – stated in the report published on the website of the HRC. Note, however, that the abbreviation “AUE” is found only in the recommendation of the Council, and the report is not used.

In the TRANS-Baikal SK has opened two new Department for the investigation of delays in wages and crimes against children 18.10.2016

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