The representative of the Republicans in the U.S. Congress reported that the White house is trying to delay the adoption of the Act on the protection of the civilian population in Syria, which, in particular, provides for sanctions against Russia, reports the newspaper The Washington Post.

As reported by the newspaper, Republican Adam Kinzinger, the adoption of the act might deter some of the countries involved in the solution of the situation in Syria, where since 2011, the ongoing civil war, decisive action. Democrat Eliot Engel refused to admit that the White house is trying to delay the adoption of the document.

The act on the protection of civilians in Syria provides for sanctions against the Syrian leadership for the mass torture and killing 11 million civilians in the prisons. In addition, the act stipulates restrictive measures against Russia and Iran.

This document Congress intended to adopt in September of 2016, but the White house asked us not to do so as not to create unnecessary interference in the negotiations with Russia on a cease – fire.

Currently, according to The Washington Post, Obama administration believe that the act may violate the agreement on Iran and new sanctions against Russia will hurt the attempts of diplomats to negotiate with the Russian leadership on the Syrian crisis.

“The U.S. Congress is not engaged in foreign policy formation. This is the sphere of activities of the President, Executive . In virtue of their nature, Executive power is more pragmatic. The U.S. Congress against Russia traditionally configured, frankly, Russophobic”, – commented on the publication of The Washington Post, political scientist Sergei Samuylov the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

On the eve of 5 October, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal citing sources reportedthat the new sanctions against Russia, Germany is seeking by reason of aggravation of the situation in Syria. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany in this said earlier that do not support this idea, since these will not change Russian policy in Syria.

In the U.S. Congress, spoke about the attempts of the Obama administration to postpone the adoption of sanctions against Russia on Syria 07.10.2016

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