Doctors from the American city of Philadelphia replaced both brushes eight-year-old boy who became the youngest patient who underwent a similar operation, reports Yahoo! News with reference to AP. Tuesday, July 28, boy was first seen in public and in front of reporters at a press conference at the hospital.

In a 10-hour transplant was attended by 40 specialists, including plastic surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists and nurses, said in the official report of the hospital.

Zion Harvey lost hands, feet and kidneys as a result of sepsis, moved in early childhood. Already to 4 years he needed a kidney transplant which was transplanted from the mother. Prosthetic feet allow the boy to walk and run, however, transplantation of brushes, according to the child’s mother, should significantly improve the quality of his life.

“The risks were not higher than for kidney transplantation, says the mother, Patty ray. – I thought I was ready to take the risk, if he wants to get the opportunity to climb and play football.”

Zion was the perfect candidate for double transplantation brushes, because after kidney transplantation are already taking immunosuppressants – drugs that prevent rejection of donor organs. When there was a suitable donor, the boy had surgery.

According to information from the hospital before the transplant, Zion managed to adapt to life without brushes, but now it was open to new possibilities and he will be able to realize a cherished dream – to play American football. According to the child woke up after the transplant with new hands he felt “weird but good”.

The boy still has a few weeks to spend in rehab hospital before returning home.

In the U.S. eight-year-old boy transplanted both brush – he became the youngest patient undergoing the operation 30.07.2015

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