In the US we had to evacuate the plane because of smartphone models Samsung Galaxy Note 7, infamous for its tendency to spontaneous combustion and explosions. The device began to smoke on Board the aircraft of Southwest Airlines who wanted to fly from Louisville (Kentucky) Baltimore (Maryland).

The incident occurred on Wednesday, October 5, reports AP. One of the passengers reported that his device company Samsung began to smoke. After that, on Board 75 passengers and crew were evacuated. According to the fire-fighting officer as a result of incident nobody has suffered. On the carpet of the plane, which dropped zadumavshiesia smartphone, left minor damage.

Samsung, the airline Southwest Airlines and Federal officials responsible for aviation security, refuse to call a smartphone that caused the evacuation. According to them, they are still investigating the circumstances of the incident.

At the same time, Sarah green from Indiana, told The Courier-Journal of Louisvillethat the plane was evacuated due to the Galaxy Note 7, owned by her husband Brian. On Board the aircraft, the smartphone started to make noise and smoke, after its power is turned off.

Green also told the newspaper that her husband was about two weeks ago I got this new Galaxy Note 7 instead of the previous after Samsung withdrew the model from mass fires.

In September, Samsung had to pull its new Galaxy Note device 7 after receiving 92 messages from clients in the USA about the overheating of the battery of the smartphone. Among them there were 26 complaints of burns and 55 cases of causing damage to property. The Federal aviation administration after that asked passengers not to use and charge your devices on Board aircraft and not to put them in check Luggage.

Russian airlines have also started to introduce a ban on the carriage and use of onboard phones model, Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The Federal air transport Agency recommended not to carry these smart phones in baggage and hand Luggage to be transported only under the condition that the passenger will not activate the phone for the whole flight, and won’t try to charge it.

These warnings apply only to the Galaxy Note 7, issued until 2 September 2016. In total up to specified date, the world has sold more than 2.5 million such devices.

Samsung has announced 2 Sep mass opinion around the world and stopping the sales of smartphones Galaxy Note 7 due to a problem with batteries that can explode. Amid this news the market value of the South Korean company two days fell by 11%, or 22 billion dollars that became a record for the last eight years.

Galaxy Note 7 is sold at a price of 850 to 890 dollars, trying to make a competition iPhone 7, released by Apple.

In the U.S. evacuated the aircraft from starting to smoke Samsung 06.10.2016

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