The jury in the new York area of Brooklyn on Thursday is fully met 80-year-old Vincent Capo, which, as was stated by the Prosecutor’s office, was one of the leaders of a crime family Bonanno, according to the newspaper The New York Times. A man suspected in several crimes, including involvement in a large theft of money and jewelry from Angara international airport named after John F. Kennedy made in December 1978.

According to authorities, was kidnapped from a cargo terminal of Lufthansa $ 5 million in cash and jewelry in the amount of 875 thousand dollars. At the time the theft was the largest in U.S. history, law enforcement and failed to return the loot, notes TASS.

Taking into account inflation and changes in the dollar to date, the total value of the stolen exceeded $ 20 million. Resonant crime became the basis for the script, which Director Martin Scorsese in 1990 he made the film “Goodfellas”.

Capo was arrested in January 2014 along with his son and three other persons suspected that they are members of a mafia clan. They were charged with murder, robbery, extortion and committing many other crimes, however, of involvement in the theft of 1978 was suspected only Vincent Capo.

Earlier in the case was arrested just one person – airport personnel Louis Werner – because of suspicions that he helped criminals to get into the terminal.

However, the jury was convinced by the arguments of lawyers Capo, who argued that all charges against him were fabricated. The defense stressed that the witnesses, who declared the guilt of their client, not credible, as they were paid informants for authorities or agreed to oppose Capo in court only in exchange for mitigation of punishment for crimes.

In the U.S. justified the alleged organizer of the “robbery of the century” 13.11.2015

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