British police arrested a minor sibling of pop singer Madonna and Director guy Ritchie. The teenager is accused of illegal drug trafficking.

At the moment 16-year-old Madonna’s son named Rocco released on bail, writes The Daily Mail.

Teen star of the family was detained September 28, when police received a signal from the neighbors of guy Ritchie, living in the prestigious London district of primrose hill in the borough of Camden. They reported that they had seen Rocco around with a suspicious hand-rolled cigarette in his hand.

Police arrested the teen and examined his clothes, found a small amount of marijuana. The young man was prosecuted for possession and use of drugs. Questioning Rocco were specialists on work with difficult teenagers.

Previously, he was repeatedly seen in the company of friends in pubs, and even on the streets drinking alcoholic beverages.

Rocco almost a year living with her father in London after a quarrel with her mother. In December 2015, he refused to ride with her on tour within the tour Rebel Hearts. Having spent last Christmas holiday in the UK, Rocco decided not to return to Los Angeles to the Madonna. Until September 2016, the singer fought in court for the right to live with his son, demanding to return him to the US. But in the end lost, and Rocco was left with his father.

All this time, Madonna posted to Instagram photographs of her son and talked about how much she misses him. However, He did not cut off communication with her mother, and she came to see him in London, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

All offers to return to America, He rejected, stating that to live with my dad he is fun. Besides the guy Ritchie didn’t make the eldest son to work. Madonna, Rocco had to work as a stagehand singer took his son with him in tours and insisted he was helping her team during the preparation of the concerts.

58-year-old American artist Madonna, and 48-year-old British film Director guy Ritchie divorced in 2008. After that, Richie got married to model Jacqui ainsley, with whom he met five years. Their wedding took place in July 2015. The couple have three children: son Rafael, and daughter Rivka and son Levi.

Madonna has four children: native Lourdes and Rocco and adopted David and mercy. According to relatives, the Madonna very authoritarian mother, prone to hyperopic. Perhaps this is another reason for disobedience by her children. Lourdes and Rocco before they started to smoke, drink and are trying to get rid of the control from her famous mother.

In the UK 16-year-old son Madonna’s suspected possession of marijuana 24.11.2016

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