Popular among young people extreme Hobbies rufing (climbing on roofs) and shaping (riding on the roof of the trains) are planned “outside” action, which affects the youth through the media and the Internet, said acting head of the Moscow interregional investigative management on transport of SK of the Russian Federation Sergey Vazulin. These extreme Hobbies often lead to tragedy.

“Shaping and roofing is already enough planned action to engage youth and children in various dangerous objects on the road,” said Vazulin “RIA Novosti” at the first public forum of the Moscow interregional transport Prosecutor’s office. According to him, are now actively considering the introduction of new rules of criminal responsibility for such actions, particularly in the article of the criminal code “Incitement to suicide”.

Vazulin pointed to the promotion of these dangerous passions through the media and Internet, and also cited the data of experts, claiming that such involvement “is one of the components impacts on the population from outside.” For this reason, it is very important to keep track of who runs the sites dedicated to these Hobbies, he said.

Roofing – modern subculture, built on the conquest of roofs and tall buildings. Promote this subculture is largely caused by a series of political actions, including painting the stars on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, Moscow, the decoration of the monument “mother Motherland” in Kiev, the hoisting of the flag on the city hall of Kaliningrad and others.

Earlier, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to deal with those wishing to gain “likes” in social media by using risky tricks, introducing large fines. Also in the state Duma discussed the need to mark dangerous selfie places special warning signs.

Similar calls to toughen the penalties for roofers sounded in the Federation Council in 2015. A member of the Federation Council Vadim Tulpanov sent to the state Duma the bill seriously toughening punishment for roofers. According to his initiative, from five to 10 thousand rubles will be the penalty for roofers (now the penalty for unauthorized penetration of the protected in the prescribed manner object, for physical persons – from 300 to 500 rubles).

Walking on the roof is not always associated with greed for glory and adrenaline. For example, in St. Petersburg and Moscow is a separate tourist destination that attracts lovers of photography and urban landscapes. Similar entertainments are on offer and many European capitals.

In 2013, the state Duma was introduced a bill under which “train surfers falling” can be fined on five thousand roubles. MPs hope that such measures can reduce the number of practitioners “shaping”, the essence of which is that thrill seekers ride on the roofs of cars, wagon hitch trains and high speed trains. Ardent supporters of this dangerous hobby cling to the last car of the train, and the most reckless before the arrival of the composition fall into a rut between the rails.

Russian railway in 2014 suggested to equate to calls to suicide in social networks distributed invitations to ride on the roofs of trains and subway trains. “This will give Roskomnadzor the right to block such Internet resources without a court decision”, – explained in the Ministry of Railways.

In the UK called the roofing and shaping “planned action from the outside” and vowed to toughen punishment for extreme 26.10.2016

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