The UK delivered the first shipment of shale gas from the US. Tanker Ineos Insightс weight 27.5 thousand cubic meters of gas arrived in the Scottish port of Grangemouth yesterday, according to Reuters.

The Scottish government, which previously imposed a moratorium on the development of shale deposits, said at the ceremony in Porto on the occasion of the delivery of the first batch of shale gas will not be Cabinet Ministers.

The supply of US ordered a Swiss energy company Ineos for the needs of their petrochemical production. Representatives of Ineos called the arrival of the tanker with the indication of the opening of the “virtual pipeline” across the Atlantic, which will open for the country a new source of energy imports on the background of the depletion of the North sea.

“This day is extremely important for Ineos and the United Kingdom – said the head of the company Jim Ratcliffe. – Shale gas may help to stop the decline of British manufacturing”.

Ineos has invested in this project is 1.6 billion pounds ($2 billion), currently transport shale gas from the US to the UK and Norway carry out eight of the tankers of the company.

A tanker loaded with gas, ethane, obtained by the method of fracking. The company in Scotland will convert it into ethylene, which, in turn, will be used for the production of various types of plastics, solvents and antifreezes, says the Agency.

Fracking is a method of extraction of fossil hydrocarbons, including shale gas, by hydraulic fracturing. In the United States in this century this method began “shale revolution”that fundamentally altered the world oil market and led to lower energy prices.

The United States began to export gas in February of this year, when Cheniere Energy has started deliveries to Brazil. Cheniere has also signed long-term contracts with several European companies, including BG Group and the Spanish Gas Natural.

The first tanker with us gas lands in Europe in may. Experts immediately started talking about price war, believing that Russia’s Gazprom may reduce the price of its gas by almost two times (something like this happened). Now Russia provides a third of the needs of Europe in Gaza.

In the UK, came the first tanker of shale gas from the US 28.09.2016

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