British organization for the protection of animals Pet Survivor, which is preparing to celebrate its centenary, announced an online voting, the results of which will determine the winner of the prize for survival.

In the short-list includes six Pets, whose incredible adventure and the will to live cause cold chills and admiration. For example, red cat Arthur from Suffolk returned home, dragging an old rusty trap.

The cat was in a terrible state, his claws and teeth were ground off, probably when he tried to free himself. The vet feared that he will not survive the amputation of the injured paw, but Arthur has had so many trials to return to the owners that they decided to give him a chance. Soon, the redhead pet is recovered and re-enjoy the adventures in the nature.

A middle-aged Jack Russell Terrier buddy, admittedly, have suffered because of his own irrepressible love for chicken casserole. Knocking over a dish, he received third-degree burns over 40% of the body. When 13-year-old dog from Surrey recovered, he had to wear children’s clothing, to protect delicate skin.

Darcy, a two-year-old Springer Spaniel survived after falling from the dam with a height of 18 meters. Her owners were horrified when they heard the screeching of flying at a great height dog. She had a broken leg and damaged internal organs, but she found the strength to gratefully cling to the cheek of the firefighter who pulled her out. Now she surprises vets with the pace of its recovery.

Bodhi, Labrador from West Sussex, was attacked by another dog and received terrible injuries, from which he managed to recover.

Ferret Dobby from County Durham too, was bitten by a dog. He was on the verge of death, and the vet had to sew up his insides. Now the ferret has returned home and wakes up in a cage that he shares with his brother.

A rabbit Hans was not a loving home when he after being bitten by dogs or foxes inflamed wound on his head. He was found in a North Yorkshire charity organization. After surgery, the rabbit is transformed from an ugly duckling to a “Swan” and was named in honor of storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.

The results of the online vote, which will determine the winner of the award for survival of 2016, will be announced on 4 December.

In the UK, choose the “immortal” pet surviving in improbable circumstances 16.11.2016

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