31 Oct Royal Plymouth court sentenced five citizens of the Czech Republic of Roma ethnicity, who were found guilty of human trafficking. Attackers who are relatives of the illegally smuggled into the British Isles residents of Eastern Europe with the aim of further exploitation.

The decision of the court the 36-year-old head of a gang of Ruzena Tankosava and her 37-year-old henchman Peter Tankos will spend behind bars for 6.5 years. 37-year-old Martin Tankos and 28-year-old Nela Jurkova a baby on the way, got three and 2.5 years in prison respectively. A 37-year-old Katherine Corejava punished by two years imprisonment, reports BBC News.

To trace the family of a gang of Gypsies-“slave owners” failed in September 2014, when the two “slaves” managed to escape and seek assistance from the police. As a result of the RAID was released eight more men. They lived in terrible conditions and were forced to work for nothing on the packaging factory and car washes, and also as domestic workers in Devon and Cornwall to work on fictitious debts.

Released wasn’t even his corner for the night, according to Reuters. Men slept on the floor in the garage or the cupboard under the stairs. They are also regularly abused and beaten. The victim was even threatened with murder.

For each visit to a toilet “slaves” had to pay one pound (almost 80 rubles at the current exchange rate). They were also forced to “mow” the grass with a knife and get their food in garbage cans.

One migrant said that he was beaten with a chair and a baseball bat. And another said that he was forced to steal food in supermarkets.

Victims of the “slave owners” were representatives of the disadvantaged strata of Czech society. The attackers expected that victims will not seek after their disappearance. Victims spent four years in “slavery” from Gypsy families.

The victims never kept locked up, but they did not dare to escape because they had no money and friends in a foreign country, and English is the only language they knew.

The investigation was conducted in close cooperation with Czech law enforcement agencies. For the first time Prague even gave London one of the prisoners that he gave necessary testimony.

Let us add that the Peter Tankos had already been brought to criminal responsibility in the Czech Republic. He was accused of fraud, assault and other crimes.

As it turned out, using one of the “slaves” Tankos cranked fraud eight thousand pounds sterling, writes The Sun.

In September 2016 the UK government has allocated 33.5 million pounds sterling ($41 million) to combat human trafficking. The money you get the British police. It will have to liquidate their supply gratuitous labour to the UK. According to experts, in the country there are about 13 thousand “slaves” engaged in production, rendering of sexual services and household.

In 2015, the UK introduced a new law aimed at combating human trafficking. It provides for life imprisonment for human trafficking and forcing companies to disclose their actions in the field of personnel policy.

In the UK convicted of Gypsies from Czech Republic, that brought migrants into slavery 01.11.2016

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