In England the law enforcement agencies charged with terrorism and aiding terrorists 41-year-old British citizen Benjamin Stimson, who, presumably, participated in the fighting in Eastern Ukraine and fought on the side of the separatists from the breakaway republics, reports The Guardian. Such allegations first presented in the UK in connection with the conflict in the Donbass.

According to the newspaper, the man was remanded in custody. A hearing on his case is scheduled for October 7. Stimson was first arrested in June of this year, after his return to Britain from Ukraine. “I’m in jail. 16 th with me stop communication,” wrote Stimson on his page in the social network “Vkontakte” on June 14.

After that, however, based on his records, he was released. September 26, Stimson wrotethat the next day will again go to the police, and if he doesn’t make contact, it would mean that he was once again arrested. This man asked his followers to pray for him and for the world. The last entry on the page of the Stimson dated September 27, when he once again said goodbye to his friends, saying that to see them in a few months or years.”

The journalists remind that Benjamin Stimson became one of the heroes of the material the BBC about the British involved in the war in the East of Ukraine, which was published in October of 2015. The name of Stimson in the text were not mentioned.

The article noted that the British decided to join the Ukrainian separatists because of the lack of life prospects, but also because of the sympathy Pro-Russian forces in the region. In the video, filmed by journalists, Stimson is shown with weapons in their hands. He says he’s ready to die and to kill if his life is in danger.

In August of this year, the British blogger and former freelancer Russia Today Graham Phillips published a video in which Stimson says that the filming of the BBC report took up arms at the request of the journalist.

In the UK for the first time charged with terrorism Englishman who fought for the separatists in the Donbas 28.09.2016

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