The UK Department for education ordered the closure of one of the country’s existing private Islamic boarding schools for girls – “Jamia al-Hudaa” in Nottingham. As writes The Times, it happened after one of the former students of this educational institution Aliya Salim told about the existing rules.

In particular, the girl told me that she had been excluded from school in 2011 for the presence of her camera. In addition, according to her, at least four student was expelled due to the fact that their suspected sexual orientation. “Teachers and students openly discussed it. I remember two girls packing their suitcases after someone said that he saw them kissing,” said Salim.

She also said that teaching in school was not based on European traditions, but rather on the rules of Sharia. In particular, students were taught that husbands are allowed to beat their wives and that homosexuality should be punishable by death.

After these revelations, the school was taken note. Employees of the Ministry of education held in the institution the inspection, which found the flyers with the allegations that modern music, singing and dancing were “of the devil”.

In addition, the school library was suspicious literature – books, authors, known for his extreme views, including those who are denied entry to the UK. The school officials are unable to explain exactly how these books relate to the curriculum.

Also during the inspection it was found that the students of the school about half the time spend on the study of Islamic studies and have a very meager knowledge in other disciplines. The students “there is no secure understanding of civil and criminal law of England,” they do not know who makes the laws in this country, but also can not explain what is meant by the term “British values”.

The inspectors concluded that the school contributes to the students “balanced views”. The Ministry of education ordered the closure of the boarding school. Given that it is home to about 85% of the students, the school recognized that this is equivalent to the closure of the institution.

At the same time, the leadership of the boarding school rejects charges of spreading radicalism. So, the school argued that they never taught my students the idea about the need to murder gay people. Exception aliyah Salim administration explains the “destructive behavior” of the girl, and the decision of the Ministry of education called part of a campaign to prosecute the Islamic educational institutions in the country.

In the UK, shut down private Islamic school, which taught “kill gays” 17.10.2016

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