Juvenile court of the County of Derbyshire has sentenced 15-year-old boy, who was found guilty of sexual abuse of a young child. The attacker forced the boy to sexual contact in the bathroom.

According to the decision of the British Themis, the abuser must undergo a three-year rehab program instead of prison, according to Metro.

In addition, within six months, the convict is obliged to observe a curfew, not leaving his home between 19:00 to 6:00. He was also banned for five years to enter into any contact with children under the age of 13 without the consent and supervision of their parents or guardians.

The court also ordered for the 12-month period to assign the responsibilities of raising a teenager on his father to help solve his psychological problems.

As the judge explained Jonathan Bennett, the perpetrator of this serious crime deserves a long term of imprisonment. But the young age of the defendant is not allowed to show him the full rigor of the law.

It is known that the teenager until recently lived with his mother in Europe but outside the UK. However, in 2015, a few months before committing the rape, the mother brought the son to the British Isles, so he could see his father after a long separation.

October 30, 2015 the teenager was in a private house in Normanton with five-year old boy. The attacker attacked the victim in the bathroom and abused him. The teenager then threatened the boy that will “destroy” him if the child tells anyone about the incident.

The next day the victim told her mother about the rape, when with her, went for a walk. The woman went to the police, and the teenager after the arrest, admitted his guilt.

In the UK teen who raped 5-year-old child in a bathtub, was sentenced to rehabilitation 21.11.2016

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