The police of Kent in the UK is investigating the criminal case about the rape of a young woman. According to the victim, she was attacked by a group of Syrian migrants, writes The Daily Mail</u>.

The crime was committed in the building of social protection, which the city authorities Gillingham allocated to the refugees to stay. There have been previously refuge and victim of the British.

Police detained four workers, although the victim says about the five rapists. She also claims the abuse lasted for about five hours.

All of the detainees claim not to have reached 18th birthday. However, they look older and, most likely, underestimate their own age to avoid more severe penalties. Syrian men left without documents, so check their age can’t, says The Sun.

Two of the men were arrested, while the others were released without charge.

According to experts, the end of the year in Europe will come about one million migrants, including from Syria. Over the past two years the flow of migrants coming to Britain increased by 38 per cent to 243 thousand persons in a year. In 2015, the number of arriving refugees is likely to become even more.

In the UK the arrested migrants from Syria, suspected of rape girls in the shelter 06.11.2015

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