While the leadership of the European Union is discussing a possible military operation in the Mediterranean sea in the framework of the fight against gangs, illegal transporting of migrants to Europe, the UN Security Council is working on a resolution on the issue of illegal migrants, which will focus on the Middle East and, in particular, the situation in Libya. The document can be accepted already September.

“The global issue of migrants is very diverse, but one aspect that is closest to the Security Council, is the situation in the middle East. We are now discussing the draft resolution of the Security Council, where one aspect of the problem under consideration. Perhaps this resolution will be adopted in September”, – quotes the words of the Russian Ambassador to the UN and the security Council Vitaly Churkin , RIA “Novosti”.

The diplomat also acknowledged that the Security Council had been waiting for resolution on this issue, in particular the flow of illegal migrants from Libya to Europe, however Wed not in a hurry with its development and adoption, as I waited for the formation in this country of a coalition government. However, because such a government is still not formed, the SAT decided not to wait.

“We’re talking about a more limited plan, we are not talking about territorial waters of Libya and Libya. We’re talking about the open sea,” – said Churkin. “We hope that this will help at least alleviate this problem”, – said the representative of Russia in UN.

Churkin also said that the UN Security Council should conduct a comprehensive analysis of the problems existing in the middle East and North Africa. According to him, the need for this analysis is dictated by Moscow’s decision to hold a Ministerial debate on this issue on 30 September, reports TASS.

“The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has developed this idea for some time, talked about it in several of his speeches. We need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the situation,” the diplomat said. According to him, the UN security Council, as a rule, considers what is happening in Libya and Syria, the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, the problem of terrorism and other topics separately. “The relationship is not analyzed properly,” said Churkin, adding that the debate in the Security Council offer a “great opportunity” to conduct such analysis.

Meanwhile, the foreign Ministers of Germany, Italy and France argued for an equitable distribution of migrants between member countries of the European Union by signing a petition addressed to the high representative of the Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini. This was reported on the official website of the Italian Foreign Ministry.

“It is necessary to revise the content and implementation of existing European asylum system, which was created 25 years ago,” reads the statement signed by the foreign Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni, Germany – Frank-Walter Steinmeier and France Laurent Fabius. The Ministers, in particular, stressed that the recent events have revealed a number of shortcomings and limitations. They also called for “a fair distribution of refugees in Europe”.

The signed document was sent to the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini to discuss this topic at an informal meeting of foreign Ministers, which will be held from 4 to 5 September in Luxembourg.

Last Friday in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Libya turned over two ships carrying 500 migrants trying to reach European shores. In the crash killed at least 200 people.

According to the organization “Doctors without borders”, 40 dead bodies found on Board of a ship that was washed ashore on the coast of Libya near the city of Zuwara. 160 more waves of bodies washed up on the beach. According to Reuters, 198 people were rescued. About 100 people are still missing.

Only two ships were about 500 people. 147 of them after the incident returned to the camp for displaced persons West of Tripoli. On sunken ships were migrants from Africa who intended through the Mediterranean sea to get to the southern borders of the EU – in Italy or Greece.

Since the beginning of this year, more than two thousands of migrants attempting to enter from Libya to Italy, died at sea, reminds TASS.

In the UN Security Council has been drafting a resolution on the issue of migrants 03.09.2015

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