The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya in the leadership of the faction “United
Russia” recommended that in the near future to refrain from any media
activity after its critics
not yet released film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda” and assigned
commander Alexander Suvorov distorted phrases from a textbook
the Comedy of Alexander Griboyedov’s “Woe from wit”. It is reported Sign.som
citing two sources close to the leadership of the faction.

According to one of interlocutors, these statements caused outrage
even within the faction of United Russia. The source noted that the actions
Polonskaya, which is now the impression about the professional and
intellectual qualities of the new convocation of the Parliament, disagree with
previously announced by the leadership of the state Duma of focus on professionalization.

According to the publication, crucial to the excommunication of Poklonskaya from the media
activity was her post in LiveJournal, in which she put
in one row of Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler, calling them “monsters
the twentieth century”.

Three deputies of the state Duma said that after the publication during
the plenary session of the state Duma Poklonskaya was to speak from
the faction of the party “orientation meeting”, but at the last moment her
the presentation was canceled without explanation. In the state Duma it is considered
“hardware signal”, but Poklonskaya did not understand this and went on the air
radio “Vesti FM”.

In the state Duma Committee on culture considered a mistake of Griboyedov irrelevant

Error Poklonskaya with quote from the Comedy of Griboyedov met the Director,
the head of the Duma Committee on culture Stanislav Govorukhin in the comments
radio “Says
. “Wrong can anyone. You never know what person can
to confuse. I am a thousand times wrong. To condemn a person who made the mistake
can a person who never made a mistake. For example, I nothing but
Russian classics, don’t read but I could be wrong,” – said Govorukhin.

The head of the Political expert group Konstantin Kalachev believes
the error is forgivable. “You learn from mistakes. That colleagues advised
Poklonskaya not abuse-praise is good and right. Until she
still need to save up the necessary skills to work on content
performances, to learn to restrain myself. Although, if you have confidence in
even mistakes can be turned into a benefit. All advertising, except
obituary, unless the subject of advertising is not complex”, – said the publication

Kalachev put on critics Poklonskaya the burden of responsibility for
the search for evidence that Suvorov did not say: “Could, for example,
Suvorov to say something like that Chatsky words about the service and
the administering? Completely. Moreover, I about it in your Facebook
already posted the real story (excerpt from the memoirs of Xenophon
Field. – Approx., as Griboyedov, with his own words,
The Persian campaign learned courage from Prince Suvorov – relative
the great General. Let the critics Poklonskaya will prove first that
Suvorov these words about the Ministry and the administration did not say,” said

To deal with the elimination of illiteracy of the ex-the Prosecutor of the Crimea have already expressed
the willingness of the leadership of the State
the memorial Museum of
the Moscow theatre “School
of modern drama”

36-year-old Natalia Poklonskaya graduated from the Kharkiv branch of the
University of internal Affairs in Evpatoria. Then worked in the
the Prosecutor’s office. After the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation took the post
the Prosecutor of the Peninsula.

In the “United Russia” recommended Poklonskaya to refrain from statements to the media 07.11.2016

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