The police of the state of California in the United States arrested four foreign artists metallers, who are suspected of gang rape of a woman after a concert.

Criminal punishment threatens the citizens of Poland, playing in the style of the metal band with the ominous name of Decapitated (“Beheaded”) is a 31-year-old Michal Lyseiko and Rafal Piotrowski, 30-year-old Hubert Wiseco and 35-year-old Vaclav Celtica, reports They were detained by police in Santa Ana on September 9, then taken to Los Angeles for the procedure of extradition to Spokane (Washington).

Polish artists came to the US on tour, and on August 31 they gave a concert in Spokane. According to the victim, then the performance of rock musicians allegedly attacked her and raped her. The crime was committed right in the toilet of the bus on which the poles went on tour.

From the testimony of the victim and her friend should be that the artists invited rock fans in the bus for drinking alcoholic beverages. Inside the salon to the victim began to pester the drummer Lyseiko. When the girl went to the toilet, she volunteered to accompany the frontman Piotrowski. The artist began to unbutton the clothes of the fans, and she tried to confront him. Then the man roughly turned the girl to face the toilet and the mirror, and then raped. Then he replaced the rest of the band.

The girlfriend of the victim, nablyudala for a while, was also subjected to harassment. Piotrowski demanded that the girl gave him a Blowjob, but the fan refused. Then it fell to the floor, so she got bruises in the knees and shins. The victim managed to leave the bus. Later she was detained by police for driving while intoxicated, writes Pitchfork.

How much time the second fan was in the bus – just not installed. But in the end the two musicians carried her out of the vehicle and left. The victim called in rescue service “911”. Arriving police found a girl three kilometers from the scene of the alleged rape.

The fan was sent to the hospital for medical examination, which revealed she had injuries, including bruises to the forearm.

The musicians after the arrest said that he did not engage 31 Aug sexual contacts with women. Although then Celtica testified against Piotrowski and Viseca, saying that they had sex with a girl.

In court the suspects were accompanied by a translator and a representative of the Polish Consulate.

Add that Decapitated is one of the most famous and talented bands in the world playing in the style of technical death metal. This subgenre of death metal focuses on complex rhythms, riffs and structure.

Decapitated was founded in Krosno in 1996, Vaclav Celticae, his brother drummer Witold and vocalist Wojciech Vokovice. The average age of participants was 14 years.

The band released seven Studio albums. In the Internet posted clips of Decapitated, such as Never and Homo Sum, gained over 2.6 million views.

In the United States arrested the musicians from Polish metal band Decapitated accused of raping groupies 14.09.2017

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