In the United States arrested an American and two Russian citizens suspected of “illegal export of technology from the United States” to the Russian customers. In case of recognition guilty, they face up to 25 years in prison and a fine of $ 1 million. Information about the arrest to Reuters have confirmed the American Ministry of justice and the Prosecutor’s office in the Eastern district of new York.

We are talking about a 36-year-old American, Alexey Baryshev, who lives in new York’s borough of Brooklyn, and 33-year-old Dmitry Karpenko and 27-year-old Alexei Krutilina from Russia. The first was arrested in new York, the other two in Denver (Colorado). According to journalists, the Russians were charged with conspiracy Baryshevym.

According to investigators, the defendants conspired to obtain microelectronic products from manufacturers in the United States and export them to Russia, thus evading state control over exports of high technology products. Microelectronics, which went to Russia, used in various military systems, including radar and missile guidance system.

“To conceal the true direction of the export of microelectronics from American suppliers, the defendants and their co-conspirators supplied products first in Finland and then in Russia,” – noted in the Ministry of justice of the United States. Among the technologies that are involved in the case managed to take was a “digital-to-analog converters and integrated circuits”, which have, as indicated by the Department, wide application in military equipment.

For the purchase and delivery technologies in Russia used was Baryshevym in Brooklyn, the company BKLN Spectra and UIP Techno. According to the American authorities, the defendants concealed from suppliers that are exporters, and the Department of Commerce had filed false documents about the type of exported goods.

On the website Spectra of Brooklyn said the company delivers “innovative semiconductors, electronic components and specialized equipment”. UIP Techno, in turn, specializiruetsya, among others, “work-friendly systems, videoconferencing and control systems with touch screen”.

In July of this year in the United States, the verdict in the case against Russian Alexander fishchenko, who also has US citizenship, regarding illegal export of sensitive items to Russia and espionage in favor of Moscow. Court for the Eastern district of new York sentenced a 50-year-old fishchenko to 10 years in prison and more than 500 thousand dollar fine.

According to the Agency, fischenko was part of a criminal group of 11 people, which was engaged in the acquisition of the US high-technology products (microelectronics) with the purpose of their further sale in Russia companies, some of which were associated with the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

For this business fischenko in 1998, he founded ARC Electronics, and also worked as Executive Director in another company – Apex, also participated in the transactions, according to U.S. law enforcement. According to them, in particular, among the clients of ARC was the scientific center of the FSB involved in the development of air defense systems and missiles, as well as another Association that produces electronic warfare systems for the defense Ministry. Only thus, in the period from 2002 to 2012, according to the U.S. Department of justice, Russia had supplied equipment worth about 50 million dollars.

Before sentencing, the defendant sent a letter to the judge, in which he said he founded his company with honest intentions, but failed because of his lack of experience in such matters. He also asked the judge to limit his sentence to a prison term of four years and two months. “I am afraid that you will represent me as a kind of secret agent. I love this country. Spying in favor of Russia never crossed my mind,” wrote fishchenko.

The verdict fishchenko responded in Russia. The Russian foreign Ministry said that Moscow is counting on the observance of the rights condemned a Russian citizen. “We believe that his rights, including due process must be observed”, – said the Commissioner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law Konstantin Dolgov. He noted that the situation around fishchenko was and is in sight of the Russian authorities, and “he was and will be promoted”.

In the United States arrested two Russians suspected of export of sensitive military technology to Russia 07.10.2016

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