A Citizen Of Russia Vadim Polyakov,
which in the US is being tried on charges of hacking into accounts of Internet users and fraud amounting to more than a million dollars, began to give grateful evidences, writes The New York Daily News.

32-the summer Petersburger Vadim Polyakov said in a Manhattan court in new York that was part of an international gang of hackers and gathered information about the owners of credit cards.

According to us prosecutors, a group of crooks, the leader of which was the Poles, with the help of computer programs got access to the accounts and, accordingly, credit card users on the Internet site StubHub.com (owned by eBay) where they sell tickets to concerts and sporting events.

By purchasing the tickets with funds from foreign Bank accounts, the hackers then sold them in the US, and the money settled on the accounts in European banks. In particular, the fraudsters resold concert tickets, Justin Timberlake, Elton John and rapper Shawn Corey Carter, alias Jay-Z, and matches a famous baseball teams the Yankees and the giants, tennis tournament, US Open, to Broadway musicals.

Administrators StubHub.com note that the victims of hackers
were mainly those who used the same logins and
passwords at different sites. All the scammers were able to obtain data from more than 1.6 thousand Bank cards, buying not less than 3,5 thousand tickets cost from 150 to 600 dollars, writes GazettCo.com.

The damage from cybercrime exceeded one million dollars. For other information cited earlier, the attackers stole about $ 10 million.

Nine accomplices Polyakova various nationalities, including 23-year-old Nikolay Matveychuk and 37-year-old Sergei Kirin, was declared internationally wanted. Investigators believe that Matveychuk and Kirin are hiding in Russia.

The Vadim Polyakov was arrested on holiday in Spain July 3, 2014. In April 2015, the Spanish authorities extradited Russian tourists in the United States, despite the objections of Russian authorities, reports “Interfax”.

To date, the arrest of several defendants in a criminal case: Daniel Petryshyn, Lawrence Brinkmeyer and Brian Caputo. However, while only the Poles were arraigned on charges of theft and laundering of funds obtained by illegal means.

The Russians entered into a pretrial agreement with prosecutors. Now he faces four to 12 years in prison. Since he had already served 2.5 years in jail, has the right to be released on parole. After this, the Poles will be deported.

In court Poles said that the person wasn’t kidnapped account information, but “knew” about the theft. Russian hacker has also agreed with the court decision to confiscate the technical means used by scammers, and fine Polyakova 90 thousand dollars.

Admitting his guilt, the Russians said nothing against deportation, missed family. The deal with prosecutors, he also needs to pass the state 91 $ 500, arrested its accounts to PayPal, and the technical means used to commit crimes.

Judge Melissa Jackson will be sentenced July 6.

“Many cyber criminals are foreigners believe that working abroad will provide them with impunity, said a Manhattan Prosecutor Cyrus Vance. – But it is not, and it Polyakova further proof that justice has no borders”.

The Russian foreign Ministry earlier pointed out that in the US, the Poles may face the “politicized and biased justice.” The Russians, according to Russian diplomats, can apply measures of physical and psychological pressure, as has happened many times with Russian citizens”, reports TASS.

We add that the most famous Russian prisoners in the U.S.
are Viktor Bout, who was convicted of selling weapons
organizations included in the list of terrorist, and the pilot Konstantin
. Found guilty of organizing a criminal conspiracy with
the purpose of drug smuggling.

In addition, on 5 July 2014 in the Maldives have arrested 30-year-old Roman Seleznev, the son of Russian MP Valery Seleznev.

According to the American investigators, Roman Seleznev is “one of the most dangerous computer fraud”, which stole and sold credit card of Americans. To this end, he allegedly penetrated into the payment system retailers USA, introducing into their computers with malware. Currently Seleznev is in custody on the us island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean.

In the United States court of Russian Vadim Polyakov, the accused in the hacking of accounts and theft of a million dollars, partially admitted guilt 21.06.2016

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