In orange County, California September 23, was sentenced the actor of Amateur theatre named Daniel Patrick Wozniak. The man was convicted of two murders. One of his victims was a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Wozniak wanted to take his money to play on their own wedding.

Cynical murderer who built the family fortune on the blood of others, was sentenced to death. To be executed 32-year-old Daniel Wozniak is in jail San Quentin, writes The Washington Post.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, in 2010, a resident of Los Alamitos Daniel Wozniak was in a hurry to marry with his fiancee Rachel Buffett. However, the material money on the wedding celebration, which was only a week and honeymoon the lovers were not. Then Wozniak and decided to commit murder and robbery.

The victim he began his 26-year-old neighbor, Sam Herr. He was a soldier of the us army and participated in combat operations in Afghanistan. Wozniak knew that the veteran kept a large sum of money (not less than 50 thousand dollars), received as “combat”.

We will add that in 2010 the young actor Daniel Wozniak took the lead role in the musical play “Nine”, set out in local theatre. The attacker asked the man Sam to help him move some furniture in the back room of the theater and he gladly agreed.

When 21 may 2010 Herr rearranged the furniture in the room of the theater, Wozniak is from the back shot him in the head. Wounded veteran didn’t even realize what happened. “I got hurt like I had been electrocuted,” said Sam, turning to his companion for help.

Wozniak, meanwhile, had reloaded his weapon and fired again.

Leaving the corpse on the attic of the building of the theatre, Daniel participated in rehearsals, and then returned to the back room. With axe and saw, he dismembered the body of a neighbor. The attacker beheaded the killed, and sawed off his hands to prevent identification. Then the head and limbs separated Guerra were scattered in Eldorado Park in long beach.

However, the idea of the killer failed. Police quickly identified the killed tattoo lettering “mom and dad” tattooed on his chest Sam.

After the murder, Daniel took a Bank card to the veteran, however, before stealing the money and decided to commit another murder to throw investigators off the scent. Using cell phone killed, Wozniak contacted Sam’s girlfriend 23-year-old jury Kibuishi with which Herr was in College. Under the guise of Sam an attacker invited the girl to visit. In the apartment of Herr in the night of may 22, Wozniak shot and killed jury, and then put the body to create the impression that the girl was raped.

Kibuishi pants were torn and deflated, and on its back was inscribed a curse. On top of bullying Daniel put on his head the diadem of the deceased.

Leaving the scene, Wozniak stole the passport Guerra. So, in his opinion, it was possible to push investigators to the theory that Sam raped and killed a friend and then went into hiding and left the country.

In the evening on may 22, Sam’s father, Steve Herr, experiencing anxiety for his son, went to his apartment and found the corpse of the girl. The man from the beginning did not believe that what he saw was a hand in his son. But it was Sam first became the Prime suspect. Cunning plan actor Daniel Wozniak worked.

A few days later in the Park were found the head of the slain veteran. At the same time police detained a 16-year-old, who was found with plastic card Sam Guerra. Before that, the attackers took her to 2000 dollars using the various ATMs.

The young man said that he had received a card from Wozniak, who asked him to withdraw the money. Two days before the wedding Daniel was arrested. Police seized the groom on may 26 during a bachelor party held at a Japanese restaurant Tsunami (“Tsunami”) in Huntington beach, says Orange County Breeze.

The next day in the theater room was discovered the torso of Sam Herr with a distinctive tattoo.

Wozniak confessed to the murder and stated that he had acted solely from selfish motives. “I’m sorry. The truth is that I slowly went insane, becoming a pathological liar,” said the actor.

According to defendant, during the dismemberment of a neighbor-veteran he smiled and laughed.

Steve Herr called Wozniak a coward and living proof that the death penalty is necessary for the California justice. The man also complained that he could not avenge the murderer of his son with his own hands.

In the United States executed the actor who dismembered a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, to spend it “fighting” for their wedding 28.09.2016

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