On Sunday hundreds of residents of the town of Barrington in the U.S. state of Rhode island staged a rally in defence of their right to wear yoga pants. The reason for the protest was a letter to the editor of the local newspaper, which sounded tough and direct criticism of fashion leggings. The crowd of protesters marched past the house of the author of a scathing message.

Letter to the editor of The Barrington Times called “Please, women, give up the yoga pants,” was published on Wednesday, October 19. “Without a doubt, the worst thing that ever happened to women’s fashion, is the recent transformation of yoga pants to wear for casual wear outside the yoga Studio”. According to the author of the letter, this is the worst trend since the burst of fashion for mini-skirts when they “wore many women who shouldn’t wear them ever.”

Sorrentino notes that women appear everywhere in yoga pants. “From casual to formal, weddings, funerals, shopping and even at the workplace, leggings are everywhere on women of all ages, usually paired with a fluffy crop top and hair pony tail. What a disaster!” – angry letter-writer.

While Sorrentino explained the cases in which, in his opinion, valid everyday wearing leggings. “Like mini-skirts, yoga pants can be adorable on children and young women who have the advantage of a natural gift of youth. However, when they are Mature, adult women, there is something strange and disturbing in their appearance, in which they appear in public places.” The author notes that the leggings look weird and those who are “poor cope with their weight”.

“A good pair of simply trousers, jeans or something would be better than these smelly, sticky, ridiculous looking leggings. A woman over the age of 20 they don’t do better. In fact, they look bad. Do me a favor, grow up and stop wearing them in public places,” – calls the author of the letter to lovers of tight leggings.

In addition, Sorrentino doesn’t understand why women want to wear what every day there are dozens of other people around the world. “I thought women don’t like to do that for obvious reasons,” – says the author of the letter.

At the end of his message, Sorrentino insists that yoga pants should be worn only in the Studio for yoga. “What’s next? To wear speedos (trade mark company of lingerie; apparently the author had in mind melting. – Approx. NEWSru.com) to the supermarket? Imagine if men will do it. Ugh, disgusting!” the author writes with obvious disgust. “For everyone who wears leggings: I struggle with my physical form as you age. I don’t want to deal with yours. Thank you,” said Sorrentino.

Poignant phrase of the author of the letter has not left indifferent local fans of yoga pants. Hundreds of women, men and children of Barrington of different ages at noon on Sunday gathered at the rally Yoga Pants Parade, writes The Barrington Times. Many came to protest in leggings.

The protesters staged a peaceful March to the house Sorrentino. In hands they had posters with inscriptions: “We wear what you want”, “Love yourself”, “Leggings for life”, “yoga Pants every day”.

The #YogaPantsParade is underway @ABC6 pic.twitter.com/VItosLSLaA

In the United States hundreds of people came to the parade in defense of leggings (PHOTO, VIDEO) 24.10.2016

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