American tabloid Radar Online published the audio recording of the conversation ground service flight control Minneapolis with the pilot of the private plane in which September 15, from France to USA flying with kids Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, when the father allegedly attacked his 15-year-old son Maddox.

Although 10 Nov service to protect the children of Los Angeles stopped the investigation against the four-time Oscar-winning 52-year-old Hollywood actor, started in connection with a report of abuse of a child, and now there is evidence that the actor seems to have lied.

Judging by the audio, no incident on Board did not happen. But the only problem afflicting the pilot, was turbulence.

According to the publication, the record must prove that Angelina Jolie slandered her husband to deprive him of the right to custody of children.

41-year-old Jolie filed for divorce immediately after arrival in the US, simultaneously telling the media details of the alleged incident on the plane pitt’s quarrel with the family. According to her, the husband was drunk, suddenly lost his temper, yelled at his son and hit him, and leaving the plane, peed right in front of abyangam.

Representatives of pitt’s originally called the evidence false, but it took months of investigation of the police Department of Los Angelis, local Service for the protection of children and even the FBI to prove that the actor did not commit any illegal actions against her family.

So now pitt can defend in court their right to the joint with Jolie custody of the children.

In the United States made public an audio recording that should prove that Angelina Jolie was lied about brad pitt and the incident with his son was not 16.11.2016

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