In the US, where on the night of October 2 in a shooting in the area of the hotel and casino Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was killed at least 59 people, and 527 were injured and the injury, released the first lists of the dead.

The list is constantly updated in process of receipt and verification of information.

1. Adrian, Parfitt (35), anchorage, Alaska
2. Sonny Melton (29), from Tennessee
3. Susan Smith (53) from California
4. Jordan Maldon (23), from Canada
5. Lisa Romero-Muniz (about 40 years), new Mexico
6. Jessica Klimchuk (28), from Canada
7. Quinton Robbins (20), from Nevada
8. Rachel Parker (33), from the California police
9. Sandra Casey (35), of California
10. Kerry Barnet (34), from California
11. Denis Barditus (about 55 years), from Virginia
12. Thomas day, Jr. (54), from Nevada
13. Dana Gardner (52), California
14. Angela Gomez (20), from Nevada
15. Charleston Hatfield (34), of police of Las Vegas
16. Rhonda Lerok (42), from Massachusetts
17. John Phippen (56), from California
18. Quinton Robbins (20), from Nevada
19. Bailey Schweitzer (20), from California
20. Neysa Tonks (40), from California
21. Jennifer Topaz Irvine (42), California
22. Hannah Ehlers (35) from California
23. Jenny Parkes (35) from California
24. Christopher Roybal (28), from California
25. Stacy Etcheber (50), from California
26. Doreen Anderson (49), anchorage, Alaska
27. Melissa Ramirez (…), from California
28. Jack is Beaten (…), from California
29. Michael Anderson (…)
30. Austin Davis (…), from California
31. Brennan Stewart (30), from California
32. Kurt van Thillo (55)

The list of names specified.

Information about Russian tourists injured in a shooting in Las Vegas has not yet been reported either in the Russian Embassy in the United States nor in the Federal tourism Agency. According to preliminary data of the U.S. authorities, the Russians are among the victims, said Tuesday the Russian Embassy in Washington.

As the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco, in the consular district of which consisted of Nevada, was eliminated by the US authorities, the hotline opened a Consulate General in Seattle. Phone +1(206)495-5750 all the victims were Russians or who has any information about them, can contact the representatives of the Russian Federation. According to Rostourism, in Las Vegas now there are no organized tourist groups from Russia and individual travellers there are only about 50 people. But some tourists could go there independently from other U.S. cities.

On the website of the South Korean foreign Ministry appeared today that ten citizens of the Republic of Korea are missing after a shooting incident in Las Vegas. “Diplomats together with representatives of the US authorities are working on their search,” – said the foreign Ministry. It is currently unknown whether there were any missing in the area where the incident occurred, reports TASS.

In the lists of the dead include three canadian citizen. Six citizens were injured in a shooting in Las Vegas. Among the dead man from the province of British Columbia and two women from the province of Alberta, including 28-year-old mother of four children Jessica Klimchuk. Of the six wounded, four are in hospital – two women from Manitoba and two men from the province of Saskatchewan.

In the United States published the first LISTS of the dead during the massacre in Las Vegas. Russian citizens no 03.10.2017

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