In the Sverdlovsk region court sentenced 30-year-old resident of Alapaevsk Anton Zlygostev convicted of cold-blooded infanticide. A man drowned in a bath teenage daughter to “annoy” the ex-wife. Earlier, the killer has already been convicted for death threats made to the household.

The court appointed a young father-the murderer, the punishment of life imprisonment. To release Zlygostev will be in the correctional colony of special regime. In addition, the convict is obliged to pay to the mother of the victim million rubles as compensation of moral harm, informs the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

It is established that on August 4, 2015 the defendant took his five year old daughter Darin from kindergarten. Arriving to his home, in an apartment house on street Komsomol in Alapaevsk, the accused who was in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, the child drowned in the bathtub. As he wrote “Our newspaper”, Zlygostev probably used Smoking blends.

As inspectors have established, infanticide, Zlygostev sought revenge on his ex-wife. Shortly before committing the crime Anton called the woman and threatened that if she refused to resume a relationship with him, he will “do something terrible”.

“I’m still on your knees put,” said Anton to the ex-spouse. About these threats in a telephone conversation earlier wrote “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“After that, he stopped talking, and zabespokoitsya woman called my relative and asked him to go to the apartment to her ex-husband and check it – said in a press release. – Arrived to the attacker in the home a relative was found in a bathtub dead girl”.

Family friends said that Darin found her grandfather. “The girl was lying belly down. Still warm, but his lips had already turned blue. It was evident that the girl had undressed herself – things were neatly stacked,” said friends of the family.

Suspect in child murder apprehended two hours later, although he “tried to hide from enforcement agencies and even to commit suicide”. After an unsuccessful attempt to hang himself Anton was hiding in the attic of his mother’s house, previously reported the news Agency

Guilty to the crime detainee has acknowledged. He was charged with paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder juvenile, obviously for guilty being in a helpless state”).

The investigation were carried out psycho-mental and a number of molecular genetic examinations. The investigators have identified a number of causes and conditions that led to the murder of the baby. In this regard, in bodies of system of prevention has been made a number of representations. For example, the Department of education is obliged to take measures, as a kindergarten teacher, which was the victim, gave her that day drunken parent.

“In addition, at the present time, agencies of the Investigative Committee initiated and investigated in a separate criminal case on the fact of negligence, is revealed in the actions of representatives of bodies of system of prevention, which, as believes a consequence, and led to the tragedy”, – added in Department of RF IC.

Officials turned a blind eye to the threat

Mother of the lost girl’s Ksenia left her husband in 2013 because of his systematic adultery. All two years after the divorce of Anton terrorized ex-wife, threatening her with murder of her daughter.

“He believed his ex-wife and child of his property, and tried to return the threats,” said the relatives of the Xenia Anton. He placed the phone to Ksenia and her family on the website sex services and created profiles in social networks. Called ex-wife several times a day”.

According to relatives, Anton burned the car of Xenia and threatened her with murder. In the end Zlygosteva was tried for destruction of property but gave only one and a half years of imprisonment conditionally. The Russian justice did not limit Anton’s parental rights. As a result, Zlygostev continued to plan the murder of his daughter, without any obstacles to this. Their intentions he from anybody did not hide.

About obsessive Darin drown Anton said both the Xenia and its relatives. “I’ll take away the most precious,” wrote Zlygostev in SMS sent grandpa Darina the day of the murder. And the neighbors Anton said that on that day, the girl, being alone with his father, crying and screaming.

It is noteworthy that after the divorce on her page in a social network “Schoolmates” Anton continued to play the role of an exemplary family man who loves his household. May 1, 2014, he posted there a photo of his wife and daughter, riding on the attraction, with the caption “My Favorite”.

Family friends Zlygosteva said that before the murder tried to convince Her to write a statement on restriction of parental rights Anton, but exhausted by constant problems with her ex-husband a girl could not find forces for a new trial. In addition, native Xenia and myself repeatedly wrote statements to the police on the threat posed by Anton’s, but there was told that “this is a family dispute”, and took no action.

All two years after the divorce, the addict Zlygostev did not pay child support.

Add that Anton was registered in the precinct as a previously convicted citizen. Against him instituted several criminal cases under articles “Causing of a little harm to health”, “Assault”, “Threat of murder”, “Deliberate damage of another’s property”, said the head of the press service GU MVD in Sverdlovsk region Valery Burnt.

In the Urals a man condemned for life, to spite the ex-wife drowned in the bathtub 5-year-old daughter 12.03.2016

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