In the city of Revda, Sverdlovsk region for late payment of administrative fines debtors sent to ennoble the city cemetery and dig there graves. A total of 21 the debtor will hold in a cemetery 1820 hours of compulsory work, according to the regional UFSSP.

In respect of all debtors was instituted enforcement proceedings on appointment of administrative punishment in the form of public works. The number of hours varies from twenty to one hundred, but many such punishment reappointed.

These measures chosen by the court against debtors, punished for administrative offences 5.35 h 1 (“non-payment of maintenance for children or disabled parents”), 12.7 h 2. (“Driving a vehicle driver, deprived of rights”), 20.25 h. 1. (“Evasion from execution of administrative punishment”) and 19.24 (“Failure to comply with administrative restrictions and failure to comply with obligations imposed under the administrative supervision”) of the administrative code, said the Agency.

In addition to digging graves, offenders daily for several hours clearing the trails, remove trash and paint fences. This was determined by city administration of the town in coordination with court bailiffs service, which controls the process.

In the Urals debtors alimony was sent to dig graves 19.10.2016

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