In the city of Novouralsk of Sverdlovsk region, former district staged a stir in one of the local schools. On 21 November, about two o’clock in the school N40, jumping the turnstile, rushed the man, shouting: “I need a CEO,” said the Agency

Overcoming the opposition of the technicians, quickly raced through the corridors, ran to the office of school Director, which at the time held a meeting with the teachers, rushed inside and excitedly asked: “does anyone here Beria?”

The headmaster in this situation acted in the style of Professor Stravinsky from the famous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Taking uninvited visitor by the arm, the Director gently led him to the exit, where inadequate citizen was already waiting on call arrived employees of private security.

But before leaving, the intruder threw out another number – stripped naked in front of teachers and students who managed to capture what was happening on the phone. Photos from the scene appeared on the public “Novouralsk Vkontakte”.

In the end, troublemaker on the ambulance was taken to the hospital. They found 57-year-old Sergei K., who had once served as a district policeman. After retirement he began to show eccentricities, and he had previously come to the attention of law enforcement because of his inappropriate behavior. Now he works as a janitor in one of the municipal institutions.

“He worked in the period of functioning of the police and really had the attitude to service commissioners, – has confirmed a press-the attache of the Sverdlovsk police Central Board Valery Burnt. – A man has the relevant disease and is now under the control of the court, which shall take the necessary measures to bring it out of crisis”.

In early November, at the Dagestan state University in Makhachkala, one of the teachers is fully exposed to the students directly during lecture. His actions caused a stir among students, who in terror rushed out of the classroom, and the rest began to shoot the action on camera phones.

The Ministry of education of the Republic hastened to declare that the teacher, acting associate Professor of histology, was removed from office. According to rumors, this teacher is a relative of a high “rank” in high school and took the job, despite the mental disorder.

In the Urals former policeman searched the Beria at school, and then stripped naked in front of children (PHOTOS) 23.11.2016

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