In Chelyabinsk microfinance organization “Easy money” has released their ads on the pocket calendars with the image of Jesus Christ and the text of the prayer “our father”. The Chelyabinsk management of Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia opened a criminal case against the company, reported on the website of the Ministry.

Close with a prayer printed slogan “Easy money. Need cash?”. “Use of in advertising the message of these religious Christian symbols contains signs of violation of the legislation on advertising, as may be offensive to the feelings of believers”, – speak in UFAS.

This position of the Antimonopoly authority is shared by 17 of 19 members of the Expert Council under the Chelyabinsk OFAS Russia, as well as 270 participants of the survey on the website of 660 votes cast, according to the Agency.

Managing partner of group Stas Marketing Andrey Stas told “Kommersant”that is unacceptable in the MFI to lead the prayer, which has the words “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” – it can be perceived as a mockery. According to the chief financial officer of online lending “E loan” Mamuka rizaeva, religious imagery was used to increase confidence.

The company said that there is nothing offensive in them is not. “Our clients include many of the Orthodox, – explained the General Director of MFO “Easy money” Vasily Orlov. For them we have produced a calendar with a prayer that they could take in the offices of our MFI, distributing them as promotional materials were not carried out”. It is noteworthy that Vasilyev referred to the survey as the FAS, noting that 70% of believers did not consider their feelings offended.

Lawyers interviewed by “Kommersant”, do not presume to predict the outcome of the case. According to them, in fact, no insult in there, but the use of religious symbols could lead to a fine organization. If theological examination recognizes that insulted the feelings of believers, then the head of the MFIs could face up to three years in prison.

Under part 6 of article 5 of the Law on advertising in the is not allowed to use swear words, obscene and offensive images, comparisons and expressions, including concerning a floor, race, nationality, profession, social category, age, language of person and citizen, official state symbols (flags, emblems, hymns), religious symbols, objects of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture) of peoples of the Russian Federation, and also objects of cultural heritage included in the world heritage List.

The case is scheduled for June 13 at 10:00.

Recall, for this article, the court sentenced blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky to 3.5 years of imprisonment conditionally. Sokolowski insulted believers is that catching pokemon in the Ekaterinburg Temple-on-Blood, and his statements about religion.

In the Urals microfinance organization was suspected of insult of feelings of believers 17.05.2017

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