Law enforcement bodies of the Chelyabinsk region decided not to Institute criminal proceedings against the head of the district Fershampenuaz Yegor Shukshin. A senior official of Nagaybaksky district was suspected of beating the teen, who witnessed the shenanigans at the monument to Lenin. While the victims claimed were not even familiar with the bully who kicked monument.

For aggressive behavior and injuries Egor Shukshin face only a fine of five thousand rubles, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.

It is estimated that around 22:00 on 7 October a group of teenagers saw in the square, a drunk-looking man began to kick a statue of Lenin (in the investigation say that the bully kicked at the wall of the rostrum, above which rises the statue of the leader of the world proletariat).

This saw the village leader farmer of the mattress passing by. With the words “what are You, bull?” the official was hit in the groin of a bully who was M. B. Ishimov. Shukshin then began beating bystanders.

According to the teenagers who attacked them, the officer was drunk and did not respond to the victims ‘ statements that they have never seen a male bully.

In the end, boys aged 14-15 years were injured: one officer was hit in the nose (in the district hospital confirmed the hematoma) and the other was grabbed by the ears and hit his head on the forehead, the third broke his lip, another had been hit several times in the face with his hand. One of the Teens was on crutches and could not escape. Among the victims was the son of the chief editor of the local newspaper “Shoots” Olga Terakawa.

Materials police checks transferred to the RF IC, as reported by the official website of the Ministry, but after a month of investigation, “decayed”. The investigator Nurlan Muqata refused to initiate criminal proceedings against officials under articles 286 (“Excess of powers of office with application of violence”) and 116 (“Beating”) of the criminal code. Only the first of these articles Shukshin was threatened with term from three till 10 years of imprisonment.

In the reasoning of refusal to initiate proceedings stated that the village leader was beaten teenagers during off hours, and because of personal animosity, supposedly caused by their “immoral actions”.

About article 116 of the refusal States that adolescents are not “connected persons Shukshin” and all the other cases the code was decriminalized in 2015.

By the way, the bully Ishimov took on the case as a witness.

We add that the parents of the victims were ready to take the statement from the police, if the officer brought them to apologize. But Shukshin in the end refused to do so and began to say that the Teens were drunk during the incident.

According to Olga Terakawa, Shukshin has repeatedly started fights, but he got away with it. “He was fighting grown men. But they simply do not pay (to the cops. – Approx. I know that once he got into a fight with an employee housing. Then the local authority Valery Fedorov…” – said the journalist.

In the Urals, the head of the district, who beat teenagers near the monument to Lenin, faces a fine of 5 thousand rubles 24.11.2016

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