On behalf of the Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexander Kondratyev arranged to validate the information from the press, according to which the guards had forced a local resident to remove from the loop the corpse of his son.

“The Prosecutor’s office will be fully checked these facts, will assess the legality of actions of employees of law enforcement agencies, and other involved persons”, – reports the official website of the Department. Tested personally by the Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region.

The reaction of the Prosecutor’s office caused a note titled “I was forced to get her son’s body from the noose” published channel “First regional”. It told about a resident of the October district Irina Sitovoj that journalists complained to the police investigating the death of her relative.

11 April 2016 in the village of Oktyabrsky committed suicide son of Irina. Arrived on call the police turned a horrible day for her in hell, she said.

“Came four police officers, and the youngest made me remove my son’s body out of the loop. I did the first time seen, do not know the name. Can you imagine? I barely stood on my feet, but I was forced to get a son.” – said Irina Shytova.

When she untied it, the body fell to its knees. “So I still forced him to undress and flip to the picture. And when all their work finished CSU, demanded 23 thousand rubles for the transportation of his body to the Trinity morgue!” – the woman added.

On the question of why you need to body in Troitsk, if it’s so expensive, a young police officer replied: “the Less you know, sleep tight.”

The woman handed over money to a police officer without any receipts, and then her son’s body was taken to the morgue, and in the evening returned back. According to Irina, the entire body after return was in bruises, and the bones of the feet were broken.

“It was mutilated, broken. I can not imagine how it was possible Plastal, to turn in such a mess. Worse than cattle are treated. Children could not even come to say goodbye, so everything looked awful,” says Irina.

She also noted that this area is far from unique. Police officers “sense of impunity and afford more, not permissible by law.”

“We have people all scared, all afraid of nobody, but nobody, nowhere to turn. We’re poor, and that they want to do. I have nothing to fear: that they have I can take?” – said Irina.

The Prosecutor’s office promised to investigate the situation. “The victim is necessary to present all the information in writing and send it to the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the region, regional Prosecutor’s office. The facts will be tested, will now be raised information on complaints received from the area,” said senior assistant Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region Natalia Mamaeva.

With the complaint of Irina Sitovoj was handed over to prosecutors and the appeal of another local resident, businessman Paul Fistula. He said that he receives constant threats. According to the businessman, it is trying to deprive businesses and survive from the area of the “funeral mafia” that allegedly “protect” the police and officials of the district administration.

Paul Fistula says all the information about the inhabitants of the dead police “merges” in the funeral company “Memory”, the patron of which is supposedly the head of the municipality Michael Molchan.

In the Urals, the Prosecutor’s office will check the actions of the police, forced the woman to get her son’s body out of the loop 16.11.2016

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