The Sverdlovsk region court has sentenced two guards N46 penal colony in Nevyansk, who were found guilty of criminal negligence. The security forces are not removed in time the handcuffs off the beaten them to convict, in consequence of which he died.

According to the decision of the Russian Themis the prison staff, one of which has already been dismissed, sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period two years. Also, prisoners are denied the right to hold certain positions for two years, reports the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, in the summer of 2015 the convicts took up the post duty of the assistant chief of the colony the duty of the security Department and his Deputy.

July 1, 2015, the guards beat up the convict for robbery 26-year-old native of Kyrgyzstan, Akbarali Akbaraliev. Two days later, the head of the colony, Ilya Chikin in the hallway of a penal insulator (SHIZO) hit Akbaraliev punched in the heart. After this man for two days left handcuffed to the metal grille at the entrance to the chamber.

A foreign prisoner “has not had the opportunity to change body position and move freely, why he developed a syndrome of compression of the upper and lower extremities, which along with other damage led to the formation threatening to his life condition, and eventually death,” according to a press release from the office of the RF IC.

Akbaraliev died on 4 July. And on the morning of 5 July, 400 prisoners in IK-46 went on a hunger strike, demanding the initiation of criminal proceedings and the suspension of the colony administration.

However, the hunger strike was symbolic: the prisoners just refused to go to the dining room, but ate products bought in the shop at the colony, and also sent to their relatives. A few days later the protest ended.

Under investigation were duty assistant head of the colony and his Deputy who “has not fulfilled the obligation for the removal from the convict handcuffs at a set time”. Also under arrest were sent to the chief of IK-46 Colonel Ilya Chikin.

27 October 2016, the press wrote that two groups of prisoners in IK-46 again refused a meal. The reasons for the protest were not named, but the press service of the FSIN information about the hunger strike denied.

30 Oct 2016 IR-46 “from disease” died a 56-year-old convicted Mikhail Yuriev. On the death of a prisoner wrote to counsel other prisoners. The FSIN was not able to give the cause of death of St. George and comment on his participation in the hunger strike, writes “the Media”.

Prisoner killed after complaints of extortion

The investigators found that in the afternoon of July 1, 2015, three officers (Chikin was not among them) “out of personal animosity severely beat the convict that allowed systematic violations of the regime of serving the punishment”. They beat Akbaraliev hands, feet, and rolled into a tight roll with a blanket. In the hands of the convicted person at the time was handcuffed, wrote the site “human rights Defenders of the Urals”.

And Akbaraliev would deliberately kill on the orders of the head of IR. This version presented by the lawyer of the victim Natalia Kochneva. According to her, shortly before his death Akbaraliev called his mother and reported that on the morning of his inspection by order of the chief of the colony it was decided to transfer to a punishment cell.

“He told my mom that the prison Governor ordered his Deputy: “Translate Akbaraliev in the cooler and there it is finish”.

It is noteworthy that shortly before the massacre of members of the Public oversight Commission (POC) has received several complaints from prisoners IR-46, spoke about beatings and extortion of money from the security guards.

“We were told that the prison staff “extruded” prisoners, explains a member of the PMC Dmitry Rozhin. – Those who managed to break, asked for money to relatives. To avoid detection, members of the colony do not get the money, but reported the account to which they need to be translated. These accounts belonged to relatives of other inmates of the colony”.

According to human rights activists, all the statements of the prisoners were transferred to the state penitentiary, reported the news Agency “Between the lines”.

The investigation also revealed that in November 2012 the chief of IK-46 illegally appointed Junior inspector of Department of protection of the colony to the position of the driver – employee’s garage. However, he received a salary and as a Junior inspector, although the duties in this position are actually not fulfilled. In the end, the state penitentiary had caused material damage in the amount of approximately 124 thousand rubles.

“During the investigation, done a considerable amount of work aimed at collecting and securing evidence base. In particular, interviewed a large number of witnesses, carried out technical, forensic and other expertise”, – noted in the Department of the RF IC.

A criminal case against two convicts of prison staff was severed from criminal case other guards and their chief. Two officials were charged with only part 2 of article 293 of the criminal code (“Negligence, entailed on imprudence death of the person”).

The remaining defendants were charged under part 4 of article 111 (“Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim”), paragraph “a, b” part 3 article 286 (“Excess of powers of office”) and part 3 of article 160 (Embezzlement) of the criminal code. To them threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.

In the Urals, two employees of the FSIN, participated in the murder of a prisoner, escaped with probation 03.11.2016

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