In the US, the teenager started a fire in the yard of one of the elementary schools of an American city Townville (South Carolina), first killed his father. The shooting injured three people, 6-year-old child is hospitalized in critical condition.

The shooting occurred at 13:45 local time (20:45 GMT). Armed with a gun the gunman opened fire at the Playground near the school. Injured two six-year-old student and a teacher. They were hospitalized, reports TASS.

Reuters reports that the suspect until the arrival of police held fire-volunteer Jamie Brock, thanks to which a teenager with a gun walked into the school building. The shooter’s name was not called. It is known that he is 14 years old.

After the incident, the school was evacuated, students and their teachers were forced to take shelter in a building nearby the Church.

After the detention of the arrow is about three kilometers from the school building, the police found the body of 47-year – old men, it was found that the father of a teenager who opened fire at the school. The representative of the Sheriff’s Department garland major said: all evidence indicates that the teenager first dealt with him, and then went to school and opened fire already there, said the police.

According to major, it is assumed that the shooter acted alone. The authorities establish the motives could be guided by the detainee, however, they believe that what happened has nothing to do with terrorism.

In the US teenager killed his father and opened fire at the school 29.09.2016

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