Court of the U.S. state of Iowa has sentenced a citizen of China, who was found guilty of industrial espionage. Foreign businessman was trying to smuggle home a genetically modified corn seed.

By the decision of the American Themis 47-year-old Mo Hailong will be imprisoned for three years and to pay compensation, writes The Des Moines Register. In January he pleaded guilty was that he was going to send to China patented corn seeds, which belong to agricultural corporations Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer.

Mo acted in the interests of the Chinese company Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group, on which he worked.

It is established that the Chinese managed to take to China with forged documents of more than 1,000 pounds of seed corn (over 450 pounds). Stolen seeds were used for the research of Chinese biologists.

The crime was discovered by the FBI, which watched Mo Heiloom 2011. The investigation began after one of the employees of DuPont Pioneer’s considered suspicious behavior of the Chinese. An employee of the Corporation was seen as an alien touches the ground on one of the experimental fields.

The theft of the seeds were dealing with a group of people. But Mo accomplices managed to escape from the United States. Charges were also brought against his sister, who is married to billionaire and President of the company DBN Group’s. But then all suspicion it was removed.

Us attorney called the theft of intellectual property and violation of trade secrets a serious threat to national economic security. According to the Prosecutor Nicholas Kleinfeldt stolen information allowed the Chinese researchers to “save” five to eight years of scientific work, the cost of which can reach up to $ 40 million, reported Al Jazeera America.

Thanks to American GMO corn has become resistant to insect pests, drought, and herbicides. It also has more robust stems that can bear the weight of the cob even at the last stage of ripening.

The defense asked judge Stephanie rose to appoint the defendant punishment in the form of imprisonment conditionally. However, the court decided to get tough, saying that revealing the harsh sentence will be a lesson for other Chinese. “We need to show China that such crimes are unacceptable in the U.S.,” said rose.

However, prosecutors asked for Mo five years in prison. However, as a mitigating factor took into account the fact that the defendant suffers from a rare form of cancer.

It is known that Mo Hailong (Robert, Mo) was born in Sichuan province. Emigration in the United States Chinese thought in 1989, after the bloody suppression of the student protests in Tiananmen square in Beijing. Nine years later he realized his dream.

A Chinese immigrant was arrested in 2013. At that time he was married with two children aged eight and 13 years. Mo said that with his wife “wanted to provide children a decent life with great prospects.”

“My actions have destroyed everything we worked for”, he concluded.

We add that companies that produce genetically modified foods, often place restrictions on the use of they sell GMO seeds with patents and licensing. At the request of the producers, the farmers sign an agreement according to which they are not allowed to save and plant seeds of plants grown from purchased GMO seed, reports the BBC Russian service.

In the US, the Chinese, secretly taking out home of GMO corn seeds, got 3 years in prison 07.10.2016

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