In three American States, the police investigate armed attacks on guards. One of the victims was fatally wounded.

The murder of a policeman was committed on Sunday in San Antonio, Texas, at the intersection of West Nueva street and Santa Rosa street. From the bullet of criminal killed 50-year-old Benjamin Marconi, who served in the force for 20 years, writes USA Today , citing chief of police of San Antonio William McManus.

According to police, Marconi stopped in the centre of the car, whose driver broke traffic rules. The guard wrote the Protocol on administrative offense, sitting in a patrol car when it stopped behind another car. From it came the driver, who approached Marconi and shot him in the head through the window of the door. Making the second shot, the offender fled in the car.

The injured police officer was taken to a military medical center in San Antonio, where he died about 12:30 on Sunday.

According to McManus, it is not clear whether the murder with the actions of the police who stopped the car with a traffic violator.

According to eyewitnesses, the killer used sedan Toyota or Nissan. However, the investigators found that the suspect rode a black Mitsubishi Galant. Police in San Antonio also has published on his page in Facebook a photo of the suspect. He was a young African American tall and with a small beard. On the left hand man wears a tattoo. For assistance in locating the suspect declared a reward of 10 thousand dollars.

The day of the murder Marconi, November 20, on Sanibel island, Florida, was shot by another policeman. For the local police Department is unprecedented. A suspect in the shooting managed to detain hot on the trail. The wounded man was taken to the hospital. About the state of his health is not reported.

In addition, on Sunday evening, another policeman was shot in St. Louis, Missouri. 46-year-old Sergeant, who served in the force for 20 years, was taken to the hospital in critical condition with two gunshot wounds to the face area. At the time of the attack police officer sitting in the patrol car.

From the beginning of 2016 in the US killed 128 policemen in the performance of their duties. And 59 of them died from gunshot wounds.

Add that to the surge of violence against law enforcement officers is associated with growing social dissatisfaction with the actions of the police, who often use weapons at the slightest provocation. And some suspect detention order for malicious killings of African-Americans during arrests.

In particular, in Baton Rouge in Louisiana were killed Elton sterling, and Falcon heights Minnesota – Felando Kasteel.

Public discontent has led to protests across the country, but also to armed attacks on guards. After the death of Sterling and Kasteel eight police officers were killed: three in Baton Rouge and five in Dallas.

And in early November in Iowa sociopath racist attitudes within 20 minutes shot in patrol cars of two police officers.

Shooting in Dallas was the most serious for last 15 years the crime that took the lives of law enforcement officers, writes The Daily Mail. More serious casualties, the police suffered during the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. Then killed 23 officer of the Department of police of new York.

In the US, the day was shot by three police officers 21.11.2016

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