In the US, the participants of sports competitions on the run faced with an unexpected obstacle living in small herds of deer, according to AP. As a result, one of the runners was even knocked down.

The incident occurred on Saturday, November 12, on the cross of DeSales University (Pennsylvania), where competed the teams from 52 schools. While running on a platform that was moving the students ran a group of ten deer.

Animals at full speed and ran perpendicular to the direction of movement of athletes. One of the cloven-hoofed animals thus crashed into 21-year-old student Justin Deluzio from the University Gwynedd mercy, so much so that he flew up and landed on the ground.

This moment was captured on video by another participant, who did not flee the cross, but wanted to document the race of their friends. The video shows the deer time to pass between the runners, while one of the animals knocked down a young man.

To the rescue came his teammates. They helped the runner up from the ground, after which all along continued to participate in the race. In the end, the team of Deluzio came 46th. Coach said that if not for the accident with the deer, then his team could show the best results.

The victim student had received a few bruises. Nevertheless, he considers himself a lucky man.”If the deer was a bit more, I could get seriously injured,” he said in a media interview.

In the US, the deer ran across the path of a marathon – one runner did not have time to Dodge (VIDEO) 18.11.2016

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