In the U.S. state of Michigan court overturned the death sentence for a dog that was suspected of killing the neighbor’s dog and was going to euthanize. As reported by The Times Herald, the Belgian shepherd dog (Malinois) named Jeb was seen near the corpse Pomeranian named Vlad on August 24 in St. Clair township.

The nature of injuries to Vlad, suggests that the dog was killed by a large animal. The owner, Jeb Kenneth Jobe – had to take my dog, a suspect in the murder, in the service of animal control.

In September, the court ruled Jeb sentence. The dog was convicted of killing Vlad and sentenced to euthanasia.

Later, however, Jeb was given a reprieve: the judge agreed to postpone the execution for 30 days to allow the dog’s owners to conduct a DNA test on samples taken from the corpse of spire. The results of the examination was received on 24 Oct. It turned out that the tests did not reveal any DNA Jeb on the corpse of Vlad, therefore he was acquitted.

Then Jeb decided to release. Last Wednesday, it was returned to the owners. However, the court has required them to install around the house with a high fence to avoid any further incidents with the dog.

The owner of the dog admitted that terribly glad that Jeb was still alive. He also noted that after two months spent in the “death row”, the dog looks “awfully skinny”. Owners Vlad refused to comment.

While Jeb was in custody, for his life, fought not only by its owners. The petition on the website with a request to release the dog scored more than 98,4 thousand signatures. In addition, a page dedicated to Jeb on Facebook, gathered about 800 approvals of users.

In the US, the dog, the suspect in the murder, returned home after two months on death row 03.11.2016

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