In the United States a violation of the rules of tourist visit the national Park ended in tragedy: the man decided to bathe in hot spring water and died, reports CNN.

The incident occurred back in June, but the details become known this week. Local authorities have released 15 November report about the incident after the request of a local TV station Kulr 8.

According to him, 7 June, 23-year-old Colin Scott with his sister Sable has visited Yellowstone national Park (Wyoming). During the walk they went with wooden flooring, a specially constructed hot spring in the Norris basin to bathe in the hot springs, despite spaced around the warning signs of their risk.

Sable Scott was shot on a mobile phone as her brother walked over to the water and tried to try her hand, but slipped, fell into the boiling water and died. Arrived on the scene rescuers found Colin already dead, but the body out of the water failed because of the beginning of the storm. When they returned the next day, no signs of a corpse are discovered in the water sailed only shoes and wallet.

According to the Deputy head of a group of Rangers Laurent Veressa likely during the night the body is fully dissolved in very hot water with a high concentration of acid. According to the report of the national Park, the water temperature that day was over 100 degrees Celsius.

Yellowstone national Park was opened in 1872. It is located on the territory of the States of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The incident occurred on the edge of the Yellowstone Caldera, also known as a volcano – its eruption could potentially lead to dramatic climate change on the planet. According to the Park staff, since 1980, as a result of injuries sustained in the hot springs in the Park and around it, killed 22 people.

In the US, the man decided to bathe in hot spring water and dissolved in acid 18.11.2016

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