Police American city of Boston (Massachusetts) reported an honest man, working as a taxi driver. On Friday, July 1, he drove the passenger that left on the back seat of the car, the backpack, which, as it turned out, there was a large sum of money, according to the Boston police Department in Facebook.

In search of documents that would help establish the identity of the owner, the driver looked inside the bag and found banknotes to the amount of about 187 thousand dollars. Honest driver took the money to the police station, where later addressed and the passenger. After the guards made sure that the backpack belongs to him really, he got a bag with money back.

AP reports that the honest driver name is Raymond Mccasland. According to him, the passenger, whom he picked up, said that within six months was homeless and lived in a shelter. At some point the man got out of the car for a while to meet a friend. However, he left a bag in a taxi, he wanted to come back for her. The driver waited for him for about half an hour, but to no avail. After that the man went to the police.

The police found that the money was part of the inheritance. After you installed the rightful owner, he returned the money. “For me it was a relief,” said Maccausland. In an interview with the Boston Herald , he admitted that he feared that the money could be stolen. “It could be a Bank robbery,” he said. – I only saw three packs, but I knew that the bag was full of money.”

The Boston Herald notes that the driver acted in accordance with the law. He said that works as a driver for 50 years and always gets forgotten things.

In particular, he remembered that about 30 years ago so returned passenger has forgotten a portfolio with 10 thousand dollars. The driver received no recompense for this. This time he was more fortunate. The owner of the backpack, thanked him with a sum of $ 100.

In the US, the taxi driver returned the absent-minded passenger a bag of money 06.07.2016

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