Law enforcement agencies of Mississippi (USA) investigating the major fire that occurred in one of the oldest African American churches in Greenville. The incident occurred on Tuesday evening, November 1, reports Reuters.

The police determined that the fire was not accidental. The names of the arsonists still unknown, the investigation is ongoing. Before you set fire to the building, the vandals left on one of its outer walls the inscription “Vote for trump”.

The message about the fire in the Church entered the rescue service in after nine o’clock in the evening on 1 November. According to police, the fire quickly extinguished. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. The building itself is “destroyed by 80%”, told AP news Agency the chief of service of fire protection in the town of Ruben brown. “It would definitely have to be fully recovered,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to CNN, we are talking about a building constructed 111 years ago. The chief of police of Greenville Deland Wilson said that as the main version at the moment is considered a “crime of hate”. The mayor of Greenville Herrick Simmons called the incident “a direct assault on the rights of the residents (Greenville) on freedom of religion”.

For help in finding the persons who had organized the arson, the authorities have appointed compensation in the amount of 11 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, representatives of the branch of the Republican party in Mississippi will not comment on the incident. The state’s Governor Phil Bryant, who is the Republican party and supported its presidential candidate, Donald trump, said that arsonists “will soon be found and meet justice” for their actions.

The incident in Greenville occurred a week before the US presidential elections, which are scheduled for November 8. Earlier, in October, in Hillsborough, North Carolina was attacked the office of the Republican party. Unidentified criminals set fire to the building, leaving the inscription, “out of town”. The police still are unable to detain anyone. The candidate in Vice-presidents of the USA from the Republican party, Governor of Indiana Mike Pence called the incident “political terror”.

In the US, unknown persons burned the Church, writing on her “vote for trump” 03.11.2016

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