In the state of Colorado in the USA a man is stabbed. Under the statement of the victim, he called the aggression of his hair. The attacker made an incorrect conclusion that the carrier of this hairstyle shares neo-Nazi views.

The stabbing occurred in the town of Sheridan, writes The Miami Herald. The post this was left on his page on the social network Facebook victim Joshua whitt. He also posted photos of the wounds on his body. According to one of the images Uittu caused deep, but short cut the palm of your hand. Other injuries not visible, but the jeans of the victim is heavily stained with blood.

According to 26-year-old Witt, August 16, he drove to the fast food restaurant Steak N’ Shake. When the man got out of the car to him with a question a stranger came up: “You’re from neo-Nazis?” With these words, the attacker attacked Witt a knife.

Defensively, Joshua put forth his hands, so he managed to avoid more serious injuries to the head and vital organs. Uittu managed to close in your car. After that, the attacker ran away.

Witt stresses that were not acquainted with the assailants and did not engage with him in an altercation. “Apparently, I look like a neo-Nazi. Therefore, it was stabbed,” wrote the victim.

According to Joshua, he was given stitches. The man also contacted the police. After reviewing surveillance cameras, law enforcement was unable to determine the identity of the assailant.

Sam whitt is puzzled why it took a neo-Nazi. The man says that he does not have a body of very distinctive tattoos. But Joshua believes that the assailant was able to interpret his hair shaved right and left sides of the head as a sign of racism.

As noted by the American press, like the haircut was fashionable among German youth of the 1930-ies, support of Adolf Hitler. However, the “zero” years, the fashion for these hairstyles is back again. In particular, the “Nazi” styling used David Beckham, brad pitt and Justin Timberlake.

Witt said that after the publication of his post about the attack received messages with death threats. Now that Joshua thought about how to change the appearance and not “provoke” new attacks.

We will add, in recent months, this is not the first resonant case, when the owner of the “Nazi” hair is exposed to the US attacks. For example, journalist Michael Rubens compared to a Nazi young man who, as it turned out, suffers from cancer.

The sister of the young man said that his hair was partially shaved due to the fact that he is struggling with 4th stage brain cancer. After that, American TV host Samantha Bee, under which he had worked for Rubens, publicly apologized, and transmit the channel REN TV.

In addition, broadcasters donated $ 1,000 for the treatment of men.

Note that the relationship between the Suprematists and defenders of liberal values escalated in the United States after the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia. 12 Aug clashed with the participation of nationalists protesting against the demolition of the monument to the commander of the army of the Confederate States of America Robert Edward Lee.

During the street stock 20-year-old resident of Ohio, James Alex fields, Jr., is an admirer of Hitler, who drove a car into a crowd of people. In the end, killed the 32-year-old woman crossing the street, and at least 10 people were injured.

In the USA a man is stabbed “haircut Nazi” 21.08.2017

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