The number of victims of the hurricane “Matthew” in five South-Eastern U.S. States rose to 36 people, reports NBC News.

In North Carolina, 17 people were killed. The remaining deaths occurred in Virginia, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

Meanwhile, in the disaster area recorded facts of looting, AP reported. In addition, North Carolina police officer during a flood shot and killed an armed man who for unknown reasons, while behaved aggressively.

The Governor of North Carolina Pat Mccrory explained the murder of men “extremely difficult circumstances” and the “passions of the people who have to overcome severe emotional adversity”.

Mccrory urged people not to ignore the order from the authorities to evacuate from the flooded areas and to stop using the roads under the threat of flooding, reports TASS. He noted that refusing to implement the recommendations expose themselves to mortal danger and jeopardize the health of employees of the Ministry of emergency situations.

The water level in the rivers continues to grow. Due to breakages of power lines in five South-Eastern us States affected by the disaster, are still without electricity hundreds of thousands of people.

Hurricane “Matthew” has become the most powerful in the Atlantic since 2007. Besides the U.S., it affected the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas. The greatest number of victims – more than 900 recorded in Haiti.

In the USA the number of victims of the hurricane “Matthew” has grown to 36 people 12.10.2016

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