In Virginia the court has pronounced a sentence 26-year-old is a former kindergarten teacher Cierre Spriggs found guilty of mistreatment of young players. The woman arranged the sparring with the participation of children, forcing to fight even a two year old toddler.

According to the decision of judge Carroll of the Weimar resident of Woodbridge Cierre Spriggs assigned to the most severe with a felony, the penalty of 33 months of imprisonment, according to Fox 5 DC.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, child abuse was in kindergarten Minnieland Academy in 2013. Spriggs worked at this preschool teacher.

It is established that Kierra together with his co-worker Sarah Jordan, children have been to other indignities. For example, they could step on the baby’s legs, forcibly threw children into the water, grabbed their rubber bracelets on her wrists, and force-fed wards sharp chips Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

In addition, the teacher played the fighting between the two-year-old kids, forcing them to fight and wrestle each other in the room called “bathroom monkey”. What is happening in kindergarten prosecutors called “fight club for kids”.

Of abuse became known in August 2013, when one of the staff complained about the actions of colleagues. The administration later claimed that it was the first event of such a complaint. However, during further proceedings, the other staff members said that a few months earlier had also informed the leadership about the brutal treatment of children, but any measures did not accept.

The lawyer of the defendant Spriggs Patrick Foltz in the proceedings drew attention to the fact that earlier his client did not commit any crimes. In addition, according to the defender, there is no evidence that children are at fault Kierra received any serious injuries with lasting consequences.

However, the Prosecutor Ashley Landers Sutton said that while it is too early to draw conclusions about how seriously injured children. The consequences of humiliation can be felt years later. In addition, there is evidence of parents of injured children. It follows from them that the kids become aggressive after visiting the ill-fated “bathroom monkey,” and their behavior was ugly.

The motives of educators Ratched types to the end and failed to install. But the report, prepared by child protective services, says that women abused children just for fun.

In August 2016, more than 12 of the affected families have filed civil lawsuits demanding the leadership of the kindergarten more than $ 12 million in compensation for moral damage.

Add Sarah Jordan had previously been sentenced to a two-year term of imprisonment.

In the USA the teacher, turn the kindergarten into a “fight club” fights 2-year-olds sentenced to three years in prison 30.09.2016

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