Election of the President of the United States started with a vote in three small towns in new Hampshire, according to USA Today.

Residents Dixville-Notch, HART’s Location and Millsfield (currently a total of less than 100 employees) took advantage of the opportunity to vote for candidates at midnight local time (08:00 Moscow time), a few hours before the start of work sites in other parts of the country.

Following the vote, the Republican candidate Donald trump is ahead of the representative of the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Trump scored 32 votes, while his rival – 25. The residents of Dixville-Notch (four votes for Clinton, two for the trump) and HART’s Location (17 and 14 respectively) expressed a preference for Clinton, but Millstone (four and by 16 voters) supporters trump turned the tide of the vote.

As told TASS Scott Trenchmonkey, the official representative of the local resort hotels Balsams, on the territory of which a polling station organized generally in Dixwell-Notce vote staff living in the town. The area was was seven people, but in the last minutes before the vote they were joined by another.

As a result, four voted for Clinton, two for Republican Donald trump, one voter – the representative of the libertarian party, former Governor of new Mexico Gary Johnson. In addition, one person gave their vote to Republican MITT Romney, who is not involved in the current presidential race, told Trenchmonkey. American laws allow citizens to vote for those politicians who do not actually pretend to the highest office of the country.

Tradition, according to which Dixwell-Notce vote earlier than in other parts of the country, originated in 1960. The authorities considered that the early expression of such a small number of people will not affect the overall election results. In HART’s Location tradition early voting begins in 1948, in 1964, she interrupted and was resumed in 1996. In Millsville voted ahead of time from 1952 to 1960-ies. Last year local residents were invited to resume the practice.

As reported TASS in the Council elections in Massachusetts, at 05:45 am (13:45 Moscow time) start the vote in small towns on the Atlantic coast and in the neighboring state of man, as the representative of the Secretary of state of Maine Christine Mainski, the voting in towns with populations of less than 500 people starts at 06:00 (14:00 Moscow time). The last in the continental United States at 20:00 local time (08:00 Moscow time on November 9) will close the polling station in the village Adjac in Alaska, and the Hawaiian Islands the vote will end an hour earlier.

Meanwhile it became known that in the early elections of the President of the United States was attended by a record number of people. Your choice by mail or at polling stations made of 46.27 million people, reports the Associated Press. It is noted that the record was recorded in 28 States and the district of Columbia. The total number of early votes cast could reach 50 million – 40% of the total number of those who will take part in the elections.

How to vote in the United States

On the eve of the voting procedure and the processing of ballots in the current elections described for foreign journalists accredited in the United States, President of the National Association of secretaries of state Denise Merrill. According to her, quoted by TASS, the voting procedure provides several levels of protection against violations of one main factor is the use of paper ballots.

The vast majority of electoral districts using paper ballots, said Denise Merrill. After the polls closed, the ballots removed from the voting machines, put in special containers, sealed them, and accompanied by representatives of Republicans and Democrats delivered in the municipality, where the presence of several people open the containers and start counting.

To win a candidate must gain a majority of electoral votes. As recalled by TASS, the American University Professor Elizabeth Sherman, “the voters do not directly choose the President and Vice President, they vote for electors: in fact, intermediaries.” The number in each state equals the number of members of the house of representatives and senators, plus three representatives from the district of Columbia.

Thus, the electoral College consists of 538 people, and for a victory the candidate needs to have 270 votes out of them. In all States, with two exceptions – Nebraska and Maine – the rule under which the candidate with the majority gets all the electoral votes from that state.

On the eve of elections, according to the Wall Street Journal, Hillary Clinton can count on the 183 electoral votes of States where the position of the Democrats a solid 30 votes, where she has a good chance to win, and by 65 electoral votes in States where voters tend to support Democratic candidates. A total of 278 votes.

Trump, on the eve of a vote of 86 votes from traditionally Republican States. He can count on 71 votes from the States where his party has a good chance of success, and by 58 votes out of States that are “leaning” towards the Republicans. A total of 215 votes. 45 voices of electors can be received as one, and the other candidate.

Usually the name of the winner in the fight for the White house became known in the night after the election, but only 19 of December, the electoral College formally cast their votes for a new President and Vice President. 20 January 2017 the President-elect will take the oath and takes office.

In every state on the ballot included a different number of points. In all 50 States and the district of Columbia they have candidates for President from the Democratic party – Hillary Clinton, the Republican party is Donald trump, as well as the candidate of the libertarian party Gary Johnson, twice elected on a post of the Governor of the state of new Mexico.

Green candidate Jill Stein on the ballot papers in 45 States, besides her name, voters can write in Georgia, Indiana and North Carolina.
Independent candidate Evan Macmillan, later joined the fight for the White house and positioning itself as an alternative to Donald Trump entered in the ballots in nine States.

In addition, all the States ballots included the names of candidates seeking election to the house of representatives, candidates for the 34 seats in the Senate and 12 the Governor’s office. Voters will also determine their attitude to 155 legislative initiatives on a wide range of issues, from taxes to rights to the medical use of marijuana, a ballot paper across the country. In California, voters will determine their attitude to 17 different initiatives, and the Alabama 14.

Predicting a Clinton win with a probability of 90%

While the country prepares to vote, President Barack Obama and candidate for the presidency from the Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday evening (Tuesday morning in Moscow) has spent the last joint meeting before the election of the new head of the country. The event was held in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), reports CNN.

Obama in his speech listed the achievements of the current administration – have pointed out the increase in the number of jobs, the development of renewable energy sources, reduction of poverty, Recalling the elimination of the leader “al-kaidy” Osama bin Laden. He also again criticized the Republican candidate Donald trump, saying that he “is not qualified” to manage the economy of the country. He also doubted that Trump can be trusted with the codes to the nuclear weapons.

The chances of candidates continue to be assessed in various surveys. So, in a recent study of public opinion by Reuters and research company Ipsos says that former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton will win the election with a probability of 90%.

According to the survey, 45% of Americans support Clinton, 42% – Republican candidate Donald trump. According to the forecasts by Reuters, defeat trump in any two of three key States – Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania will almost certainly lead to the election victory of Clinton. According to the study, the representative of the democratic party is likely to receive in the electoral College 303 to vote, and the Republican – 235, while to win you need 270 votes.

Billionaire Donald trump became the official candidate of the Republican party July 19, 2016, having won a victory over senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Ohio Governor John Kastom and thirteen candidates. In the case of the election victory trump will be the oldest U.S. President at the time of election. Vice President at the trump will be the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence.

Former Secretary of state and Senator Hillary Clinton was nominated for the presidency on 26 July, after defeating Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders. In the case of winning the election, Clinton will become the first woman to hold this post. The position of Vice-President is a Senator from Virginia Tim Kane.

In the USA the vote in new Hampshire opened the election of the President 08.11.2016

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