On the eve of the solemn mass in the Vatican was opened the XIV Assembly of the Synod of Catholic bishops, devoted to the family.

The Ordinary Synod of bishops on the family officially called predstaviteley this forum – take part 270 Synod fathers: cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests and monastics from around the world. In addition, the Synod will take 24 the expert, the auditor 51, 14 fraternal delegates from other Christian churches, according to “Blagovest-info” with reference to the Catholic information Agency I. Media.

In his sermon at the mass held in the Vatican Basilica. Peter, Pope Francis stressed that in the current “extremely difficult” social context, the Church needs to carry out his mission in “allegiance, truth and love”.

“The truth, – continued the Pope – does not change depending on momentary fashion or opinions that prevail at the moment”. In this case, said the Pope, “the Church is not pointing at anyone condemning finger, but gives vent to wounded married couples firs hospitality and charity”.

During the Eucharistic prayer next to Francis were the presidents-delegates of the Synod: South African cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier, the French andré Vingt-Trois, Filipino Luis Antonio Tagle and the Brazilian Raimundo assis Damasceno. Dad also served the General Rapporteur at the Synod, Hungarian cardinal Peter Erdo, General Secretary of the Synod Italian cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri and the Secretary for special Affairs, Archbishop Bruno Forte.

Only the Pope concelebrated 314 of the clergy participating at the Synod, and their immediate staff, including nearly 70 170 cardinals and archbishops and bishops.

Commenting on the passages read from Holy Scripture, the Pontiff focused on three topics: the drama of solitude, of love between man and woman and the family.

“One of the paradoxes of the modern globalized world is that we are seeing more and more luxury homes and skyscrapers, but less and less warm hearth. Many pleasures, but few love, much freedom, but little autonomy,” the Pope said.

“Society with the highest standard of living have the lowest birth rates and highest rates of abortions, divorces, suicides”, – with bitterness continued Francis.

“God made man not for him to be left alone, and that he shared his way with the other person… and so the fruit of their love was the birth of children. The dream of God for his beloved creation is that this creation fulfilled my ambition of love between a man and a woman”, – said the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

“Today, constant, loyal, conscientious, stable, and fruitful love increasingly becomes an object of ridicule, it is increasingly treated as relic of the past. However, modern man still attracts the love that is inherent in the fidelity and constancy,” said Dad.

“What therefore God has joined together, let not men separate these words from the gospel of Matthew urge the faithful to overcome any forms of individualism and legalism. Only in the light of the foolishness of gratitude towards Easter the love of Jesus one can understand the foolishness of gratitude towards conjugal love – the only and life. The purpose of marriage – not only to live always together, but always love each other!” – concluded the Pope.

On Monday the participants of the Synod began work in the Synod hall of the Vatican.

In anticipation of the opening of the forum the Secretary General of the Synod of bishops cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri held a briefing explaining how the Assembly, is reported by “Vatican Radio”.

According to him, the XIV Assembly of the Synod of bishops on the family, will be attended by 270 participants (fathers of the Synod). He reminded the audience that it represents the final stage of the Synod, which began two years ago.

Among the participants of the Assembly of the Synod – 107 Europeans, 64 Americans, 54 guest from Africa, 36 from Asia and nine from Oceania. The cardinal is 74, 102 Bishop, 2 of the parish rector, the expert 24 and 51 students – including 18 couples, who will also speak in the Synod Hall. Come and 14 fraternal delegates who share the care of the Catholic Church on evangelization and pastoral care of families.

Innovation will become the Assembly method of its work, approved by the Pope. The majority of hierarchs invited wider participation in the debate, in which it will be possible to devote more attention to each report. It was also proposed to intensify work in small groups to promote the active participation of all in discussions in native languages. They will be able to speak also, students and fraternal delegates.

There will be 18 General congregations. Work will take place in three stages, each of which corresponds to one section of the working paper, namely: the challenges facing the family and recognition of family vocation and mission of the family today. At the end of each stage, small groups will be assembled for the development of the summary report, the content of which will be made public. Only small groups – each of them will consist of about 20 people – will hold a 13 sessions.

Like last time, the Synod Hall will be provided an hour for free discussion.

A special Commission of 10 people appointed by the Pope, will work on the final report (Relatio finalis). 24 October there will be a vote on this document. This time is not provided for the interim report after the discussion (Relatio post disceptationem).

As for the lighting progress in the media, his methods do not differ from last year. However, the cardinal Baldisseri reminded the journalists about the need “to consider the fundamental criterion, which the Holy Father repeatedly reminded: the Synod shall be protected by a space, so that it can act in the Holy Spirit; enabling Fathers to speak freely, in a spirit of parisii (paresse – the term which is operated on ancient rhetoric, the value of which is reduced to figurelet “free” speech, allowing the speaker to sincerely Express my thoughts and emotions, “liberty” in preaching the truth is no respecter of persons. – Approx. NEWSru.com)”. Over the next three weeks access to what is happening at the Synod will be possible thanks to the daily briefings in the hour of the day, in which will participate the Synod fathers. They are “free to communicate with the media at its own discretion and under its responsibility”.

Cardinal Baldisseri again stressed that the Pope encouraged the bishops to speak out in the spirit of parisii, with openness, both in the Church and beyond. It is not surprising that there are conflicting positions and opinions. All this was in the time of the Cathedrals, however, the Fathers came to a consensus and accepted the conciliar documents.

In the Vatican began to work the XIV Assembly of the Synod of Catholic bishops on the family 05.10.2015

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