The number of victims of protests that for six weeks continued throughout Venezuela rose to 39 people. In the Western state of Tachira was killed by a teenager and a grown man.

It reminds Reurets, opponents of President Maduro have built barricades, checkpoints and camps of protest across the country. Demonstrators daily take to the streets to demand the holding of elections, release of arrested activists, foreign humanitarian aid to resolve the economic crisis and involve the opposition into power. Maduro accuses them of striving for violent revolution. Protesters regularly change tactics, moving from fecal attacks to the distribution of cards and flowers on mother’s Day, which was celebrated on Sunday, may 14.

Thousands of disgruntled citizens focus on important roads, chanting slogans, waving banners, organize sports competitions, watching from deck chairs and picnics. In the capital of Venezuela, demonstrators blocked the main transport artery. In the state of Tachira local farmers to supply the demonstrators with milk and cheese.

Newspaper El National reports of the death of two protesters on Monday, may 15, in the state of Tachira. 17-year-old (on other data – 18 years) Luis Alvarez died of a gunshot wound to the chest during a demonstration in Palmyra. Another victim was 32-year-old Diego Hernandez. During clashes with police in the city of Nuevo Capacho he got hit with a tear gas grenade.

The Commissioner for human rights Tarek William Saab has confirmed the death of two people in his Twitter. He said that asked the Governor and other competent authorities thorough investigation “these dreadful events”.

NTN24 calls a dead teenager son of a senior official and publishes footage from the event. At the same time, information about the death of a police officer in the state of Carabobo has not been confirmed, said the Governor Francisco Ameliach in Twitter.

The cause of the protests was the decision of the Supreme court, which in late March gave President Nicolas Maduro powers to bypass the National Assembly and announced that assumes the functions of Parliament. Later the highest judicial body under pressure from the security Council to reconsider decision relating to the performance of their parliamentary functions.

However, the situation again escalated after Maduro decided to convene a Constitutional Assembly that could reform the public administration and to amend the basic law.

In the Venezuelan state of Tachira in the clashes of protesters with the police killed two people 16.05.2017

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