The court of Saratov region has sentenced a pedophile who killed a minor child of his friend. The crime against the girl-the invalid was committed during a drinking spree on 9 may, which was attended by her mother.

By court guilty in the murder of a resident Novoburasskogo district will be imprisoned for 24 years. To serve his sentence he will be in a correctional colony of strict regime, reports the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

In addition, the court as an additional punishment restricted the freedom of the offender for a period of 1.5 years.

As appears from criminal case materials, in the evening in a festive day 9 may 2015 29-year-old convict was in the yard of a house in the village Teplovka Novoburasskogo district. There he drank alcohol with his friend and friend.

“After drinking the man came into the house where slept nine-year-old daughter of a friend. The attacker walked into the room and against the will of the victim was to do with her sexual intercourse,” reads the press release.

The girl began to call for help and to push away the rapist’s hands. Then the man stabbed her at least five strokes a hand across his face, then closed the victim’s nose and mouth, and squeezed her neck with his hand, continuing violent sexual intercourse.

“As a result of deliberate actions of the attacker the child died at the scene from mechanical asphyxia”, – noted in Department of the RF IC.

Pedophile-murderer came out of the household on the street and continued to drink alcohol in the company of the girl’s mother and neighbor.

In the course of the investigation against the mother of the victim was also a criminal case. She was charged with article 156 of the criminal code (“Default of duties on education of minors”). This criminal case was also sent to court for consideration in essence. The woman was threatened with a penalty of three years imprisonment.

The rapist was convicted under paragraph “C,” part 2 of article 105 (“Murder of a minor, combined with rape”) and “b” part 4 of article 131 (“Rape victim under 14 years of age”) of the criminal code.

“Taken steps to eliminate the circumstances that contributed to the Commission of the crime, namely the investigators to the bodies of internal Affairs and the head of the local administration directed representation about elimination of the revealed violations,” – said in the Department of the RF IC.

Also August 24, 2015 magistrate court plot N1 Baltyskogo district of Saratov region, the acting magistrate court plot N1 Novoburasskogo district, sentenced the mother of the dead girl. Punished her nine months of corrective works with deduction of 10% of salary to the state.

As it was established, the woman from October 2013 to may 9, 2015 “improperly performed duties on education of minors, which was connected to the abuse of a child,” reports the official website of the regional court.

Knowing about the illness of his daughter (the girl was disabled), condemned the “indifferent attitude to the state of her health, were deliberately made to her emotionally negative treatment, damaging her psyche, did not participate in material content and in the development of their child, repeatedly physically hurting the child.”

In the Volga region the man who raped and murdered on the Day of Victory of 9-year-old daughter of his female subutility, received 24 years in prison 09.09.2015

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