In the city of Kamyshin, Volgograd region, a scandal erupted around municipal premises, provided local Cossack community for Patriotic work. Journalists and officials, it became known that the Cossacks decided to open in the premises of the massage parlor reports

According to the information portal, the announcement of the opening of the massage parlor appeared on the N21 house along the street Davidov. In this building on the first floor of city officials Kamyshin provide free space for public organizations and political parties.

Enterprising Cossacks decided to open a commercial massage parlor in the office, which they have been allocated to public and Patriotic work, according to local journalists. And the sign on the place of Cossack villages written finely, and about the massage services in big letters.

“The situation is really out of the ordinary. The premises are provided by the public organizations under the organization of events, educational, Patriotic activities, etc., and are a clear violation of the Commerce. We will investigate,” he promised journalists at the Department for privatization, rent and work with the municipal property of administration of Kamyshin.

Meanwhile, in Kemerovo region the Cossack society “Kondosko” collects signatures under the petition to the Governor Aman Tuleyev with the requirement not to evict the organization from its leased space in downtown aspen, where the Cossacks would like to arrange a free sports and Patriotic center.

As stated in the petition, from March 2016 in the premises at the address: Kirov street, building 35 Cossacks carry out repairs. The society planned to expand its sports facilities and to purchase on membership fees free classes in power sports for Teens, students and socially unstable sections of the population. However, “in the final stages of completion of repairs”, the city administration decided to evict the Cossacks without explanation.

“Instead of the almost repaired their forces and their means of the room suggested otherwise, which is not appropriate for the classes in power sports or for the military-Patriotic education of the cadets, it is simply impossible, as it is in poor condition,” said the outraged members of the Cossack society.

In the Volgograd region the Cossacks opened a massage parlor in the room for Patriotic work 13.10.2016

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